4 Essential Steps to Build Your Brand With Content

June 17, 2021

Thanks to all means of communication that we have today, everyone can create his or her brand in a breeze. Since this kind of business is so affordable, building your brand becomes a double-edged sword: you can make it in a matter of minutes, but you instantly blend in, becoming a part of a crowd of faceless brands.

If your head is full of ideas and you feel ambitious to embody them, you may also be not sure where to start. We will lead you through an effective strategy of brand building that works. It implies the 4 most basic steps you can take to launch a noticeable and credible brand.

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Step 1. Identify your target customer

No brand can exist without its audience. In 2021, you will always find your customer among those 2 billion digital buyers. However, to become a distinctive brand with sustainable outcomes, you still need to work on your target audience.

That means you may want to imagine an average customer to whom you will address your ideas and offer products and services. To choose the right style of communication, draft potential client:

  • age, gender, social status;
  • location;
  • level of education;
  • hobbies and occupation;
  • wishes and expectations;
  • issues they face;
  • buying behavior and income level;
  • interests and values.

Such a profile makes it easier to find the right approach for delivering your ideas. Moreover, you will focus your effort on certain public and thus increase the chances to trigger its wish to purchase.

Step 2. Have a message

A brand is not only a shop or a service. It is all about the ideas and messages they deliver. Whether you have a purpose or not defines the level of trust you get from your audience. Furthermore, for 62% of buyers, the brand’s ethical values and authenticity have a direct impact on their purchase decision.

Try to answer these three questions before you draft your brand’s purpose:

  1. What can you offer to your customers (product, service, etc.)?
  2. Which problems can be solved with your offer?
  3. What makes your brand stand out?

When you grasp your values and uniqueness, you can articulate it with a message that resonates with your target audience. It should not necessarily be mind-blowing to impress your client. Just like well-known logos Just do it (Nike) or Quality never goes out of style (Levis), your message can describe the main idea behind your company with nothing too exquisite.

Step 3. Work on content

The previous steps were the framework of your brand, and now it will be easier to work on the filling of your website and other channels. Content is a key factor for creating and expanding your brand these days. And the more efforts you make, the better outcomes you get.
We all consume content every day, and you can integrate into this constant flow of information as a brand that adds value to the professional or daily life of your potential customers. Here is what quality content can do:

  • it increases brand awareness and attracts new readers/viewers/visitors that can potentially turn into leads later;
  • your audience sticks around you, as with consistent and valuable content, you will maintain their interest;
  • you can build relationships with your customers and develop trust in your brand;
  • it helps to establish your brand as an authoritative company that stands out among competitors.

We will cover the hottest content formats that you can use to create quality and engaging materials for your brand.

Launch a blog

From a lucrative point of view, blogging has proven itself as a great source of income. Generally, blogs help companies generate 67% more leads than they could do without them. Also, many readers consider blogs to be a valuable source of information – both educational and inspirational. That makes blogging a tool to keep the attention of your audience.

Your blog may be in the form of a website, a YouTube channel, a podcast, an Instagram page, etc. In fact, you can combine these platforms to reach out to your target audience in every part of the Internet.

The key thing about running a blog is that you need to update it regularly. Consistency is what makes sense here. You probably already know that feeling of disappointment when an interesting blogger stops posting. If yes, I bet you unsubscribed then.

Our tip is to set up a schedule, let’s say, one video or written post per week, and follow it no matter what. Make an approximate content plan and your blog will always be fresh and engaging.

Settle in social media

Social media is a reality for almost everyone. In the USA alone, over 80% of the population had a social networking profile. That is a huge consumer base, isn’t it?

Despite the initial purpose, social networks are not only a space for interpersonal communication anymore. It is a place where you can easily find and reach out to your audience, interact with it, and build strong relationships.

However, you can make use of social media specificity and make your voice here more informal. That will bring you closer to your customers and establish an even more trustworthy image of your brand.

Remember that visuals are a crucial element of social media. Do not underestimate its importance and do your best to provide your audience with quality pictures and videos as well as to express your brand identity with a distinctive style and design.

Record videos & podcasts

Nowadays, video content is popular and omnipresent more than ever before. Among the reasons for that are changes in formats due to lockdown restrictions and also the accessibility of recording equipment.

In fact, you don’t need any fancy hardware to post videos on social media or in your blog. Modern smartphones have cameras that allow us to make quality recordings at any time.

Moreover, imperfect editing is valuable for building your brand, as it makes your content more transparent, personal, authentic, and thus creates an emotional connection with the public.

If you are not into recording a video, podcasting is another option for you. You can do it in audio format but still expand your audience, as it has been an accessible and extremely popular way of information consumption recently.

Wrap in multiple formats

From the perspective of content creation, building your brand may already seem an overwhelming idea. However, you do not need to feel this pressure and face burnout right at the beginning of your journey.

You should not generate new ideas constantly to stay consistent: content repurposing can be your go-to decision. In practice, you can discuss your blog post topic with guests in the podcast, rewrite it for social media, or tell the same information in the form of a video.

Your content should not be a burden. You can promote your product multiple times, as well as repeat your message and values. In this way, you engage more and more customers on different platforms and stay consistent with the existing ones.

There are even more ways to tell your story and promote your product through content, and you actually experience them through the marketing campaigns of famous brands. Go on and see more ideas already implemented by worldwide renowned companies that you can draw inspiration from.

Based on your target audience and the purpose of your brand, you can choose some of the hundreds of content types you can create consistently or occasionally. If you are aiming to inspire your readers, post encouraging stories, experiences, ideas, perspectives; educate your audience with how-tos, tutorials, tips and tricks, insights, and case studies; keep in touch with trends, report news and make reviews with your honest opinion.

Step 4. Optimize & promote your content

Optimization and promotion go in step with content creation. No doubt, all your effort makes little sense if nobody can see what you have written or recorded. Consequently, you will get little to no leads and revenue.

An effective marketing campaign costs money. However, it does not only pays off but also makes an immeasurable contribution to your brand. Among the most productive and impactful content optimization and promotion tactics are:

  • search engine optimization (SEO);
  • guest posting;
  • outreach;
  • email marketing;
  • paid ads;
  • content syndication, etc.

Learn more about these tactics, use and combine them and you will see how your content works for you. You will notice a great boost to your brand’s awareness and an increase in your organic, high-quality traffic.

Summing up

When launching their companies, people aim at various goals, such as leads, revenue, sales, popularity, etc. However, you can enjoy all those things only if you have a strong brand. We have described what you should do to lay the foundation for your further journey of reaching your personal goals.

Never stop educating yourself concerning new tactics you can engage in your content marketing strategy and growing your brand in general. Keep up with current trends and evergreen methods to add some value to the world market and the lives of individuals.

Marie Barnes
Marie Barnes is a journalist, freelance writer, and editor at Study Scroll. She has worked for many major publications, but she also ambitiously pursues challenging freelance projects. Her love for traveling motivates her to explore the world. Marie wants to inspire people to follow their dreams by sharing her experiences online.
Marie Barnes
Marie Barnes is a journalist, freelance writer, and editor at Study Scroll. She has worked for many major publications, but she also ambitiously pursues challenging freelance projects. Her love for traveling motivates her to explore the world. Marie wants to inspire people to follow their dreams by sharing her experiences online.