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Export Google Docs to Medium

Step 1. Write and Collaborate in Google Docs

The first step is simply to work within your blogging document as you normally would, for example, Google Docs.

Write and edit your blog post, collaborate with your team or editor in the cloud, or simply revisit an existing document to double-check that it’s ready to go live.

Use Google’s standard feature set to format your headers, choose your preferred font, and add embed code for any video or GIFs you’d like to add to your content.

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Step 2. Connect Google Docs to Your Medium Account

The next step is to connect your Google Account with your Medium Account.

Save yourself the headache of using a complex API tool; we’ve built you a shortcut.

Wordable allows you to create a direct connection between Google Docs and Medium (as well as other content platforms such as HubSpot and WordPress), without having to learn Python or CSS:

Simply give Wordable access to both accounts, and voila, you’re ready to export content from Google Docs to Medium.

Step 3. Apply Transformations

Next, we’re going to apply a few routine transformations so that your published content displays as it should, whether your audience is reading on a laptop, iPhone, or any other device.

Wordable will automatically remove any messy HTML code to improve the user experience, but you also have the option to:

  • Make links open in a new tab
  • Automatically add image alt text
  • Compress larger images so that your Medium post loads quickly

This is where you’ll notice the biggest time save, as adding all of this manually can take as long as an hour per post.

Step 4. Click “Export” and Voila, Your Post is Ready

And as easy as that, we’re hitting the Export Now button and uploading it directly to Medium.

Don’t forget to share your new article on all your social media platforms either!


Still have a question or two? Find your answer below:

How do I use Google Docs as a blog?

While you can’t use Google Docs as the sole tool for blogging (readers can’t access your Google account), there is an easy way to integrate Docs into your content writing process:Build your blog template in Google Docs

  • Create a copy of your blog template
  • Write your desire blog post
  • Spell check, review, and edit
  • Connect Google to your Medium account using Wordable
  • Apply content transformations 
  • Export your new blog post to Medium

Does Google Docs have a blog template?

No, Google Docs does not have a blog template, primarily because blogs tend to vary in format and style.

The best practice here is to create your own blog template in Google Docs, and then create a copy of this each time you sit down to write a new post.

Why Should You Connect Google Docs to Medium?

The short answer is that connecting Google Docs to Medium saves you a bunch of time each month.

Standard content formatting practices such as writing meta descriptions, compressing images, adding image alt text, and setting links to open in a new tab are all time-sucking (and soul-sucking) processes that burn tens of hours a month.

More if you’re publishing content to multiple sites or for several clients.

Connecting Google Docs to Medium using Wordable means you can reclaim those lost hours, and ensure consistency across all content publishing platforms.

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