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Export Google Docs to HubSpot

How to Export Google Docs to HubSpot in 4 Steps

Publishing content to HubSpot is difficult due to the clunky, outdated content management system. Unfortunately, it’s not often a simple copy and paste, drag and drop affair. 

Content formatting processes such as meta description attribution and image alt text assignments are tiresome, manual processes which, at scale, suck hours out of your week.

There is, however, a powerfully simple solution. One which doesn’t require you to be a master of the HubSpot API developer’s platform.

This guide is going to show you how, in four steps, you can make transferring content from Google Docs to HubSpot painless.

Step 1. Write and Collaborate in Google Docs

You’re just going to write your blog post in the Google app as you normally would. The last thing you want to have to do is overhaul your content creation playbook.

Step one is nice and simple:

This said, it would be a good idea to build your own template for content creation, so each finished post in the Google Docs editor comes out looking fairly similar in terms of formatting.

Give Wordable a try

Step 2. Connect Google Docs to Your HubSpot Account

You may be aware that there is a native HubSpot integration for Google Docs. What you may not be aware of, however, is that while HubSpot’s API for Google Docs sorts out HTML formatting issues, it doesn’t automatically apply things like:

  • Image alt tags
  • Links opening in a separate tab
  • Image compression settings

If you’re pursuing inbound marketing at scale, tackling these processes manually is going to be a huge time drain.

Instead, use Wordable to sync your Google account with your HubSpot data, which allows you to apply all such formatting with just a few clicks.

Which, as it happens, is exactly what we’re going to take care of next.

Step 3. Apply Transformations

With your Google and HubSpot accounts synced up in Wordable, you’re simply going to check the appropriate boxes to apply content transformations.

Wordable automatically applies fundamental formatting to your data (such as trimming down excessive HTML code), but you also have the ability to add meta descriptions and alt tags, and to shrink your image sizes down to ensure a reasonable page load speed.

Step 4. Click “Export” and Voila, Your Post is Ready

And that’s all it takes. Faster than you can ask your intern to “share that on Facebook and Twitter”, your new blog post is published via the HubSpot CMS.


Still have a question or two? Find your answer below:

Can I connect Google Drive to HubSpot?

Yes, you connect HubSpot and Google Drive using the HubSpot connector.

Doing so allows you to, say, capture new leads via a Google Form (or plumb them into a Google Sheet), and then convert each into a HubSpot deal or automatically.

Can you import Google Sheets into HubSpot?

Yes, and it’s pretty straightforward. 

Just hit data import within HubSpot, and drag and drop your spreadsheet into place. You’ll then choose to sync at least one CRM object (such as HubSpot contact name), and connect these objects with the columns in your Google Sheet.

Does Google Docs have a blog template?

No, Google Docs does not have a blog template, primarily because blogs tend to vary in format and style.

The best practice here is to create your own blog template in Google Docs, and then create a copy of this each time you sit down to write a new post.

Why Should You Connect Google Docs to HubSpot?

When you’re publishing content to HubSpot at scale, you’ve really got two options:

  • Manually copy and paste from Google Docs into the HubSpot editor, manually fix up all of the HTML formatting problems, and manually add data such as image alt text and meta descriptions
  • Connect Google Docs to HubSpot using Wordable, and automate the whole affair

Option 1 costs you tens of hours every month (it takes about an hour on average to do this for a single article), Option 2 costs as little as $29 a month.

Need we say more?

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