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Export Google Docs to WordPress

Step 1. Write and Collaborate in Google Docs

Step one is nice and straightforward — just write in your Google Doc as you normally would.

Whether you’re the sole content creator, or are working collaboratively with your team in a single Google Document, just do what you do best.

Bear in mind that in the next steps, you’re going to be uploading your new post directly to your WordPress blog, so make sure you’ve finished editing, resolved any comments or formatting issues and added all your images before you move forward.

Give Wordable a try

Step 2. Connect Google Docs to Your WordPress Account

Next, you’ll need to connect Google Docs to your WordPress site. The easiest way to do this (in a way that allows you to push content straight to the WordPress editor without the headache), is with Wordable’s Google Docs integration for WordPress.

Under Connections, select WordPress, give Wordable access to both accounts, and you’re ready to go!

Now you’re equipped to convert Google Docs content straight into a WordPress blog post.

Step 3. Apply Transformations

Here’s where Wordable’s genius really lives.

In the old world, you’d have to spend hours in the WordPress text editor fixing up formatting problems, adding alt text to the images in your WordPress post, and adding meta data in the appropriate fields.

Wordable does this in just a few clicks.

Wordable will automatically remove any messy HTML code (ensuring a smooth user experience), and gives you the option to:

  • Automatically add image alt text
  • Have links open in a new tab
  • Compress larger images to further improve page load speed

Step 4. Click “Export” and Voila, Your Post is Ready

All that’s left now is to hit that purple “Export Now” button, and the content within your Google Docs file is automatically published on your WordPress site.

What to do with all that saved time?

Maybe now you can dedicate a bit more space each week to promoting your content on networks like Facebook.


Still have a question or two? Find your answer below:

Why should you connect Google Docs to WordPress?

The simple answer is that by connecting Google Docs to WordPress using a tool like Wordable, you’re saving yourself hours each month.

Tasks such as alt text attribution, cleaning up messy HTML code, and compressing and uploading images takes an average of two hours per article.

If you’re publishing 20 pages of content a month, that’s a whole week of work down the drain.

Using Wordable to connect Docs and WordPress turns those two hours into two minutes, making high-volume content production truly scalable.

Can you upload a Google Doc to WordPress?

Yes, you can upload a Google Doc to WordPress, but not natively.

That is, in order to publish content directly to your WordPress site from Docs, you need to use a third-party tool like Wordable.

Otherwise, you’re flushing hours down the drain each month manually copying and pasting content from one platform to another.

How do I copy an image from Google Docs to WordPress?

There are three ways to do this…

The first is to download images from your Google Doc, and upload them manually to WordPress. This proves to be a very time-consuming process.

The second is to copy and paste all of your content from Docs into the WordPress visual editor. Then you’ll need to go into the WordPress dashboard and click Upload external image to add them to your CMS.

You’ll still need to add image alt text manually, and download, compress, and reupload some of the larger images.

The third option is to connect Google Docs to WordPress using Wordable.

Wordable takes care of all this manual work (image compression, adding alt tags), and allows you to upload content directly to your WordPress site in just a few clicks.

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