About Wordable

Wordable is a simple tool that instantly exports Google Doc content into your WordPress site. (And soon, many more popular website platforms.)

It saves customers from the painstaking, manual labor it takes to export, upload, format, and optimize each piece of content. Multiply that work over a few (or dozens) of articles each month and we’re talking hundreds of dollars of your (or your team’s) time.

Wordable was acquired by Brad Smith & Jeremy Moser (Codeless & uSERP) in 2020.


Our Mission

Content management systems (CMS’) like WordPress are great for presenting content. But they’re a nightmare to actually write in.

They inject weird code. Lose your most recent work without saving. And impossible to collaborate with others.

We live this problem first-hand, because we’re writers and marketers that use it on a daily basis.

So we do what everyone else does:

Write in something else, instead!

We write in Google Docs, or collaborate in Clickup, and get feedback from clients and colleagues. It’s faster, easier, and simply less soul sucking.

The only issue?

Once you’re done, you then have to download or export what you wrote, clean the text so your HTML looks good, upload and place images one-by-one, add special details like alt attributes for the SEO gods, and more. We’re talking anywhere form 30-60 minutes — per post!

Now, multiply that by a dozen (or more), and you’re looking at hours upon hours of work. Which translates into thousands upon thousands of dolla’ dolla’ billz y’all.

We want to slash this time down to seconds and put that sticky icky green back where it belongs: your bank account. 


Why Wordable?

It’s simple math, really.

Manually exporting a Google Doc and uploading, formatting, then optimizing it in WordPress takes around one hour on average. Per article!

Now, even if we valued your time (or your team’s time) on the low end at only $25/hour, it would cost you $500/month to export 20 articles.

That’s $6,000/year for those keeping score at home.

We personally use (and have used) Wordable for our own companies because it saves us $6,250 each month (or $75,000/year when we average 250 articles/month).

And across all Wordable customers:

They save $32,500/month or $390,000/year when multiplying 1,300 exports/month at $25/each.

All for less than what hipsters spend on coffee each month. A pretty good ROI, don’t you think?

Our Customers