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Content publishing from WordPress to HubSpot sucks.
We’re on a mission to make it effortless.

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Brad Smith
Chief Executive Officer
Jeremy Moser
Chief Marketing Officer

About Wordable

Wordable was founded in 2016, and acquired in June of 2020 by Codeless Interactive, LLC and uSERP, LLC.

Brad Smith, Founder and CEO of Codeless, and Jeremy Moser, Co-founder and CEO of uSERP, had long been users of Wordable to save the hours of frustration it took to manually format posts in WordPress (or any CMS, for that matter).  

In 2020, Brad and Jeremy acquired Wordable with the mission to expand its usability, features, and kick nightmarish WYSIWYG editors to the curb, for good.

Why Wordable?

Wordable saves you time and money. It’s simple math, really.

Manually exporting a written doc and uploading, formatting, then optimizing it in your CMS takes around one hour on average. Per article. How do we know? We publish hundreds of pieces per month on some of the biggest blogs in the world. 😎
Now, even if we valued your time (or your team’s time) at only $25/hour, it would cost you $500/month to export 20 articles.
That’s $6,000/year for those keeping score at home.
We personally use (and have used) Wordable for our own companies because it saves us $6,250 each month (or $75,000/year when we average 250 articles/month).
And across all Wordable customers:

They save $32,500/month or $390,000/year when multiplying 1,300 exports/month at $25/each.

All for less than what hipsters spend on oat milk matcha latte’s each month. A pretty good ROI, don’t ya think?
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