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Wordable + Google Docs, a dynamic duo.

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Stop reformatting content for crappy CMS’ that you already optimized in Google Docs. Connect to Wordable and export with perfect formatting in seconds.

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Stop reformatting content, uploading individual images, and dealing with crappy CMS editors.

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Integrate instantly with Wordable to retrieve your content.

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No more formatting, alt tagging, compressing, and recreating what you already did to fit a clunky CMS. Just upload and export like a boss.

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Organize your content right in Wordable with bulk uploads, and export them all at once, or one at a time. Whatever you fancy.

Bulk uploads / exports

Export everything at one time, with uniform or individual formatting applied, as drafts or published content.

One and done publishing

Select all the docs you want — in bulk — and automate the rest of the mind-numbing, tedious upload process.

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