202 Growth Marketing Strategies to Skyrocket Growth Profits and Buy a Beach House

June 3, 2021
James Scherer

I’m so excited to share with you the 202 growth marketing strategies I’ve learned over my four months as a junior associate social media marketer here at Wordable!

Your business is struggling to make ends meet. You fall asleep hungry and your dog looks at you with sad eyes.

Want to make it all stop? Want to grow your business overnight and buy your dog that diamond collar she’s always longed for?

Look no further!

This comprehensive guide will give you everything you need to growth marketing the marketing at your growth business.

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#1: Growth marketing strategy #1: Use social media

Social media is the new and upcoming strategy for business growth. There are a bunch of platforms out there now, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and MySpace.

Social media networks allow your business to interact with prospective clients, and 100% of your posts will organically reach every one of Facebook’s 2.7 billion users on Facebook (even if you post on LinkedIn!).

Look at this graph!

number of monthly active Facebook users worldwide as of 4th quarter 2020

As you can tell, there is a blue line that goes from the bottom left to the top right. Marketing!

Social media growth marketing best practices:

  • Use images: People love images way more than text.
  • Use video: Video is the new up-and-coming content type. I’m willing to go out on a limb and say that by 2025 video will be a major type of content we invest in as marketers.

#2: Growth marketing strategy #2: Advertise your business

I know advertising might sound intimidating and costly, but many businesses find that it ends up driving people to their websites nonetheless.

And, if you don’t want to do it for your own business, think of the poor people at Google struggling to make ends meet.

Look at this graph!

advertising revenue of Google from 2001 to 2020

Google only made 146.92 billion dollars last year from advertising. With your business’ help, you could help them afford another FitBit (both the watch thing and the company they bought for $2,100,000,000).

Advertising growth marketing best practices:

  • Target keywords related to your business: This is an advanced tactic, but (if you can) try to only show your ads when someone types in something your business sells.
  • Target Facebook ads at your target customer: This is also an advanced tactic, but you may be surprised to hear that your organic diaper company shouldn’t target 28-year-old men.
  • Use images: People love images way more than text.
  • Use video: Google owns YouTube, and Facebook also recently added video ads to its platform. People love video way more than images.

#3: Growth marketing strategy #3: Create a blog

Content is king and distribution is queen. And video is king as well. And a picture is worth a thousand words.

Innovation. Cutting-edge. Learnings.

You get the picture.

It’s important to have a blog.

Your business’ sales funnel is complicated. A lot of people won’t immediately buy when you say hello to them.

For instance, you’re reading a blog right now because you want to learn more about growth hacking strategies, and that’s related to Wordable’s product somehow.

Look at this graph!

Frequency with which bloggers worldwide publish blog posts and content as of September 2019

As you can see, a lot of people blogged frequently in September of 2019. I think I’ve proven my case.

Blogging growth marketing best practices:

  • Publish frequently: Create blog content at least once a month so Google (one of the more popular search engines) knows you’re an active publisher.
  • Optimize your content: Search engine optimization is a complicated bunch of tactics that involve including keywords in your content. I’d recommend doing it.
  • Use images: People love images way more than text.

#4: Growth marketing strategy #4: Use email

A lot of people think that email is dead, but (and I’m going to go against the grain here) I don’t think so.

Email is still a great way for your growth business to interact with potential customers. All you need to do is run a webinar and then email the 100% of registrants who attended with a limited-time offer to buy your product and, boom, sales!

Look at this graph!

Number of sent and received emails per day worldwide from 2017 to 2025 (in billions)

As you can see, there were 376.4 billion emails sent and received in 2025. That’s 1,130 emails per US citizen per day in 2021!


Email growth marketing best practices:

  • Personalization: Personalizing your emails is a good way to increase your open rates.
  • Interesting content: Try to send people interesting emails about things they’re interested in.
  • Use images: People love images way more than text.

#5: Growth marketing strategy #5: Network

One of my friends from university worked for Hootsuite for a while.

It’s these kinds of relationships that make all the difference between your growth marketing business growing and your dog looking sad in a normal, non-diamond collar.

Now, I recognize that it can be weird to meet people in person when you do digital growth marketing strategies, but it’s sometimes unavoidable.

Look at this graph!

number of participants at international conferences in Japan from 2010 to 2019 (in millions)

You read that right: Almost 2 million people attended international conferences in Japan in 2019.

2 million!

Networking growth marketing best practices:

  • Get business cards: Nothing says “I’m a professional growth marketer” more than a business card that reads “I’m a professional growth marketer.”
  • Be the keynote speaker: The key to success when networking at a conference (either digital or in-person) is to be the keynote speaker for the event.

#6: Growth marketing strategy #6: Do influencer marketing

Influencers are people, like me, who are KOLs (key opinion leaders) and have more than 10,000 Twitter followers and definitely didn’t pay for any of them.

Look at this graph!

influencer marketing market size worldwide from 2016 to 2021 (in billion U.S. dollars)

I rest my case.

Influencer marketing growth marketing best practices:

  • Focus on influencers within your industry: As influential as Justin Bieber is, his social media fans may not be interested in your B2B accounting software. That’s why you must leverage an Instagram analytics tool to figure out the follower demographics of the influencers you’re interested in. Once you’ve done that, make sure you partner with only those influencers whose audience is similar to your target audience.
  • Remember that these people are better than you: Always approach an influencer from downwind, and don’t look them straight in the eye. Place your offer at their feet and then, bowing, step back. If their assistant motions you forward again, kiss the tips of their fingers and make your plea. If they nod, bow seven more times and back away. You will be contacted.

#7: Growth marketing strategy #7: Be Seth Godin

If I’ve learned anything over these past four months in the trenches of growth marketing at Wordable, it’s that one of the keys to success is to be Seth Godin.

Now, don’t get me wrong, not everybody can be Seth Godin, but it’s worth a shot.

Look at this face!

Seth Godin headshot

Being Seth Godin growth marketing best practices:

  • Buy some colorful ties
  • Get glasses
  • Shave your head
  • Invent permission marketing

Top tip: You can also try being Hubspot

If you can’t be Seth Godin, try being Hubspot instead. This top tip works particularly well for businesses looking to invest in inbound marketing. Being Hubspot helps a lot because they invented the term “inbound marketing.”

In summary

I’ll add the other 195 growth marketing strategies as I think of them.

I’m confident that these growth marketing strategies have changed the way you think about growth marketing your business.

A few things to remember:

  • Synergy
  • Always be closing
  • BOFU
  • Bounce rates
  • Just wanted to touch base

And, last but not least, remember that the ROI of your growth marketing strategy should result in an average increase of 33% in MRR, a 12% decrease in churn, a 42% increase in LTV, and 5x more SQLs.


James at Wordable

James Scherer
James Scherer is Director of Editorial at Codeless. He has been a writer, editor, and inbound marketer since 2013, and loves to see brands grow through content.

About the Author

James Scherer
James Scherer is Director of Editorial at Codeless. He has been a writer, editor, and inbound marketer since 2013, and loves to see brands grow through content.