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7 Methods to Increase Content Reach on Social Media

Understanding different tactics and strategies to grow your audience is essential in today’s world of social media. Whether you are offering a product or service, knowing how to use different social media platforms and having a wider reach can help you significantly grow your business.

In this article, we go through seven different methods for getting more engagement, reach and followers on your social media channels. We will tell you what works, where to get more information, and why it is important to think about these things in the first place.

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The Importance of a Strong Social Media Presence  

Social media platforms help people connect and interact with each other daily. Being present on these platforms is a great way to build trust with your potential customers. This will help your brand become more relatable and likeable to your audience.

You can reach wider audiences through different platforms and develop more personal relationships with them. This is how you can boost visibility to your potential customers who may not know anything about your business.

Using different methods to be active and visible on social media is an inexpensive way to build trust, which can help you build awareness about your products and services and bring in more sales.

On the other hand, social media can also be a great way to receive and respond to direct feedback. That way, your customers see that you as a business care about what they think, which can build more loyalty.

7 Best Methods to Increase Reach on Your Social Media Channels

Let’s break down different methods that can help you make your work more effective and reach your people with the content you produce on your social media channels.

1. Collaborate with Influencers

One of the best ways to broaden your reach is through collaborations with influencers on social media. This gives you access to another brand’s audience, which is an excellent opportunity to grow.

It is important to pick an influencer, company or service that somewhat matches your brand. Following you should offer the audience something new, but at the same time still, align with their interests.

Collaborating with other influencers also lets you learn more about your target audience. It can give you information about what they like and are more interested in, guiding you towards more successful collaborations.

There are plenty of collaborators to choose from, so do not be discouraged if the first one does not work out. For example, influencer discovery platforms like Modash can help you easily find and analyze your potential partners, get influencer data, and build influencer relationships.

2. Know When and Where to Publish your posts

Depending on which social media platforms you are using, you may need to put out different kinds of content at different times of the day. Algorithms run today’s social media landscape, and you need to learn to use them for your benefit.

For example, Influencer MarketingHub can tell you the best times to post on Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok or Facebook. In addition to doing research online, you should also look at your own analytics to see how timing influences engagement.

You also need to know what kind of content works for a certain platform. A Statista study from 2019 shows that posts on Instagram have a lot more reach than stories. It also shows that it is harder to reach your audience with more followers.

It is essential to figure out which social media platforms work the best for the type of content you want to create. Allow yourself to think outside the box and find creative alternatives to your content and grow your audience on other platforms as well.

3. Repurpose your Content

It takes time and effort to produce high-quality content, which is why you should try to repurpose it for different platforms. This approach can help you create consistency in your brand.

We don’t mean posting the exact same piece of content on every platform with this. Repurposing means using one piece of content as a baseline and using it in different ways.

For example, you could turn your podcast episode into a blog post and, as a result, reach a different audience. You could also turn it into a YouTube video, an infographic on Instagram or a post on Facebook. Or you could even embed social media feeds on the website, which would not only help you to reach a wider audience but will also help improve the overall look of your website.

Other than that, It is a very common practice to reuse an older piece of content, improve it, and share it with your audience. It can be helpful to them to give an updated piece of information about a particular topic.

4. Optimize your Social Media Profiles

It is important to ensure that your brand is consistent and easy to find across different platforms. Using SEO tactics to optimize your accounts can help you get more visibility and reach, which applies to all social media channels.

Try to use an easy to remember username and recognizable logo across every platform. If you don’t have a logo yet, use a logo maker to quickly and easily make one. Writing a natural but keyword-rich description can also help attract new followers. You should also add a trackable link to your website to increase awareness.

When making posts on your social media channels, think about which keywords you use, how you write cations, and what images you upload. It is important to make sure that your posts align with your branding and the company’s vision.  

Consider embedding your Instagram feed directly onto your website. This not only enhances the visual appeal of your site but also encourages visitors to explore your social media content without leaving your website. By seamlessly integrating your Instagram feed, you provide a cohesive brand experience across all platforms.

5. Quality over quantity

It is a well-known fact that algorithms run the social media world now. The practice shows that they favour engagement over frequency. This means that as a creator, you want to create high-quality, engaging content for the algorithm to work for you.

Use analytics to understand what your followers are interested in and what kind of posts they engage with most. The more engagement you get, the more likely your post will not only show up on your followers’ feed but be pushed to a wider audience.

High-quality posts create trust and loyalty between you and your audience, which is why you should focus on creating practical, shareable and original content. Frequent, low-quality posts simply don’t have the same effect. Online platforms like Quicktools by Picsart or Canva can be extremely helpful for making high-quality, engaging content for social media.  

But for truly mesmerizing YouTube shorts that leave viewers wanting more, dive into YouTube shorts maker. This powerhouse offers a treasure trove of features, from trendy templates and catchy music libraries to intuitive editing tools to help you whip up professional-looking short videos in a flash.

6. Use Targeting to Maximize Content Potential

Social media platforms allow you to target specific groups with your posts. This means your posts will reach people that are more likely to engage with them, which helps you increase your overall reach.

For example, Facebook targeting allows you to take different demographics and special interests into account. As a result, it shows the post only in the feeds of people who are more likely to be interested in your piece of content.

On other social media platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram, you can use hashtags to categorize your accounts or to make sure you show up with certain keywords. Learning how to use these features can give you a boost in organic growth.

7. Engage with your followers

Interacting with your followers on social media comes with many benefits. You get higher engagement and instant feedback on your online activities from your community members. Don’t forget to respond to Instagram messages, be active on Facebook, and reply to comments, if needed.

This is vitally important because building your brand on trust and communication leads to loyalty. Your followers will stay with you. If you are seen as trustworthy, you are also more likely to be recommended to others by your followers.

Answering comments and talking with your followers are great ways to raise engagement. It makes your audience feel like they are part of a process. Finally, these kinds of activities lead to more promotion and more high-quality leads.

Livestreaming is another great way to have immediate contact with your audience and create real-time engagement. You can tie those together with giveaways or rewards for your followers, which are other incentives to have more engagement. Incorporating a giveaway picker adds an exciting element to your livestreams. This tool randomly selects winners for your giveaways, ensuring a fair and transparent process. As your audience actively participates in the livestream, the anticipation of potentially being selected by the giveaway picker can heighten their engagement.

How to Measure the Success of Your Social Media Activities?

In order to make sure that you are using various social media reach methods effectively, you should set your business goals. For that, you need a related metric to determine if you are going in the right direction or not.

For example, if you want to increase conversions, your social media KPI goal should be increasing conversion rates from people that visit your sites via posts they see on your channels. After that, you can identify the exact metrics to measure and a time frame to measure them.

You can easily decide what kind of campaigns to run to meet your goals. Different social media metrics will help you measure your campaign’s success and how well your strategy is performing.

The various methods to increase social media reach contribute to your overall brand development efforts. By setting goals and measuring your success through these metrics, you can ensure your social media strategy aligns with your brand’s long-term vision.

Let’s have a look at different metrics that can measure your success:


If your social media goal is to raise brand awareness and perception, then reach can be one of the most important metrics you should look at. It refers to the potential unique views that your post could have from additional sources.

Working on improving this metric can help you attract a new audience and grow your social media pages organically.


This metric is used to track the effectiveness of your content on social media. Followers usually interact with brands through likes, comments, and shares. Engagement shows how your audience reacts to your account and how often.

If you have a high engagement rate, this indicates the responsiveness of your audience and the interesting content you produce.


Social conversions indicate how many users completed an action that originated from your social media post. These actions can be purchases made on your website or subscribing to a certain service you offer.

Some of these will be measured in different ways. Reach & engagement can be found directly in social media platforms. Conversions will depend. That might be in Google Analytics, your e-commerce CMS, or your affiliate tracking software for example – depending on your model & goals. If you can use a marketing dashboard tool to connect all your KPIs, it can make life a lot easier. It gives you a single source of truth & a shareable link for other stakeholders to check in, without manually going through lots of different data sources.


The world is becoming more and more digital every single day. It is essential to have a solid social media presence in this digital world. It can help your company boost sales and increase brand awareness.

We hope our tips on increasing content reach on social media will be helpful for your brand. Implementing these strategies can help you reach a new audience organically and take your business to the next level.

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