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Killer Business Blogs: 8 Content Marketing Examples You Need to See

September 2, 2021

When you’re launching your content marketing efforts, you’re told to do the following without fail:

  • Create a strong brand voice to build brand awareness
  • Consistently provide original, high-quality content
  • Offer value to keep readers engaged
  • Have a strategy in place to appeal to upper-funnel, middle-of-the-funnel, and bottom-funnel users
  • Optimize blog posts for the results you want

This is a nice handy little checklist, but knowing you want to create a strong branded experience that leverages value into boosted ratings in the SERPs and knowing how to do it are two different things.

Getting a good look at business blogs that are already doing all this well is a good start, however.

In this post, we’re going to look closely at 8 content marketing examples from business blogs across a range of industries so you can get some inspiration from brands who are already crushing it.

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1. BarkBox’s BarkPost

BarkBox has marketing geniuses working for their company. That’s pretty much been clear from the beginning. I say this as someone who isn’t even a customer because I’ve got three dogs who all destroy their toys in seconds.

BarkPost content marketing example B2C

If you want to get a look at creating a branded experience that will entertain, inform, and captivate your audience, this is the content marketing example to look at. Their blog is at a separate URL from the site, and it’s titled “BarkPost,” featuring adorable stories, funny anecdotes, and useful information like “what causes eye boogers in dogs.”

They understand their audience well, and this is one reason they’ve succeeded.

Their customers are going to be self-proclaimed dog people who put a large amount of time and money into their furry family members, so they’re going to be more likely to stop for an adorable dog picture along the way. It’s a great resource, and it’s expansive, all while staying true to the fun, upbeat, and positive tone you’d expect.

2. WordStream

WordStream is one of those blogs that has really made a name for itself in the online advertising and marketing niche. If you see a blog post from them, you know it will be thorough, informative, and accurate… and it may contain original data you can’t find anywhere else.

WordStream content marketing example for B2B businesses

WordStream’s software allows them to source huge amounts of accurate data, which they leverage to their benefit. When they’re the origins source of case studies, statistics, and in-depth analytics of numerical information, it positions them as experts. It also practically guarantees an abundance of backlinks as everyone else wants to cite that data, too.

For B2B brands who want to use content marketing to establish themselves as trusted authorities and experts in the industry, this is a good one to check out. You’ll notice, too, that while many of their blog posts cover complex or technical subjects, they’re approached and written in a way that beginners can understand and move forward with the tasks, too.  

3. Shopify

Shopify is well-respected as one of the top eCommerce platforms online, and they also have an exceptionally well-regarded blog, too.

Shopify has managed to position itself as a trusted authority on everything from marketing on Instagram to raising entrepreneurial children, and that’s partially because of the thorough, actionable content that’s extremely well written.

A lot of their high-value SEO content and resources are long-form, clocking in at 2,000+ words, but there’s no fluff or filler. They also have diverse content that will appeal to a large number of readers, like “10 common mistakes to avoid when starting a business” and posts about product line extensions.

Even the formatting of the blog is exceptional. When users click to Shopify’s blog page, they’ll see the following:

business blog example from Shopify's site
  • A CTA to start a free trial with Shopify positioned right at the top of the page
  • Different tabs, starting with “latest articles,” that organizes content into relevant categories for improved browsing
  • A search bar so users can find specific content fast
  • A fast-click guide to some of their QuickStart guides that are popular resources

When you have an enormous store of content, which many strong business blogs do, it’s important to make sure users can find what they’re interested in. While their content is great, the blog layout is what earns Shopify a high spot on our list of content marketing examples you need to see. Not yet a Shopify user? You can easily register for a Shopify account or switch to Shopify from your current eCommerce platform.

4. Misfits Market 

Misfits Market “rescues” less-than-picture-perfect looking produce and ships it to customers. They have a huge focus on reducing food waste and eating healthy, organic food, and their entire blog reflects the company values while offering valuable content to their target audience that also drives sales at the same time.

Every month, for example, the company produces a blog post featuring an infographic of all the different produce that they’re “rescuing” for the month.

Misfits Market infographic content marketing example

This not only gives excited subscribers a chance to plan ahead and do some meal planning research, but it also shows potential subscribers exactly what they’re able to get. It’s a great strategy that actually drove me to become a customer when I was hesitant, so I can say firsthand that it works.

The blog also features educational content about sustainability and nutrition, alongside recipes developed by none other than Bobby Flay. Their partnership with Bobby Flay makes users excited to try the recipes, but it also gives the brand extra visibility and credibility.

B2C content marketing example from Misfits Market showing three blog posts

All in all, this is an exceptionable B2C and subscription-based business blog example you should check out for some inspiration.

5. Tripit

Tripit is a travel itinerary tool that allows you to import all reservations for a trip and monitor them closely. And while “travel blogs” are often overdone and cliche even from brands that want to offer value, Tripit’s blog is outstanding.

Part of the reason why this is such a strong content marketing example is because of the diversity and quality of the posts themselves. They have original studies conducted from their own surveys, packing list tips from experts, and updated lists of museums or events reopening post-COVID.  

Tripit B2C travel content marketing example

Whether you want to learn more about traveling in a specific city or just how to pack your toiletries to avoid messy disasters, this blog can be a go-to for travelers… which is exactly what the brand was hoping for.

And, as always, we have to note that they do a great job at promoting themselves ever-so-subtly, even with occasional blog posts about the tool’s latest features (like new enhancements for traveling based on your vaccination status).

TripIt content marketing example for travel brands

6. Who Gives a Crap 

If you want to check out a content marketing example that’s practically steeped in branding, you need to check out Who Gives a Crap. The eco-friendly paper product company (which has a big emphasis on toilet paper) is full of puns, and the branded voice is bold, funny, and downright creative.

The company provides a strong branded experience overall, and that extends to their blog, too, which is titled “TalkingCrap.” This alone is genius and is perfect for their target audience.

One thing that the blog does well (aside from the distinct voice) is that they make sure to feature the brand’s impact front and center.

who gives a crap content marketing example

When people visit the TalkingCrap blog, they’ll see how much the brand has recently donated. This centers the brand’s positive impact on the world, which is a powerful USP that many of their customers love.

From a selling perspective, this is a great move.

This move aside, they also have plenty of great and unique content that I can pretty much guarantee you won’t find elsewhere.

branded content marketing example

Some of it is informational, like “a brief history of colourful toilet paper,” while they also have DIY content like how to make pinatas out of toilet paper wrappers.

7. Homie Blog

Homie connects buyers and sellers with quality real estate agents in select areas across the US. And unlike a large number of realtor sites, their blog is on point.

Homie works to appeal to both buyers and sellers, and they have done a great job creating an abundance of resources to attract both audiences in their target areas.

They have spotlight content like monthly updates about market trends in certain areas, along with neighborhood guides for their target locations. This gives potential buyers a ton of insight when they’re looking to move into an area from out of state, and it can help build trust so that they decide to work with a Homie agent as a result.

content marketing example of a neighborhood guide

This is another content marketing example that made a good choice with their posts layout. All their recent posts show up first, but there’s an always-visible categories list showing topics covering specific locations, “homie news,” interior design tips, insurance, and more.

Strong blog layout for business blog


Yes, we are a little biased, and we are listing our own blog here, thank you for noticing.

We’ve got good reason for that though. makes it easy for users to upload their content to several different types of CMS platforms directly from a word document or Google Drive link. We have different audience segments made up of everyone from freelance writers to agencies to businesses creating volume at scale.

Our blog is designed to appeal to all those audiences at once, all while offering actually unique content that you can’t find anywhere else.

As one of the writers on the team, almost nothing is more exciting; we’re going far beyond generic best practices and looking at data-driven approaches from real professional content marketers (hi!) who are sharing what’s worked during their careers to get results.

content marketing examples from

All of our content goes beyond just discussing the theory, showing real-life examples so you can break down the tips we’re discussing and put them into action yourself without any doubt about implementation. So if you want to step up your content marketing game, you can use our posts to do so while also checking out the content as a B2B blog example at the same time.

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Final thoughts

As you can see above, there are plenty of ways to create a strong business blog, but there were a few things most or all of our content marketing examples had in common:

  • They made it easy for their audience to find the content they were looking for
  • They chose intuitive layouts for the main blog post
  • All the content was well-written and in a brand-appropriate way
  • The content was centered around the audience’s needs, interests, and pain points is crucial for topic selection  
  • They featured diverse topics to appeal to a wide range of their audience segments

These tips are actually relatively easy to implement, even if content marketing itself takes time. Remember that consistency combined with a solid understanding of your audience is everything, and these 8 content marketing examples are a great demonstration of that.

Want to learn more about how to improve your content marketing to drive meaningful results? Check out our recent posts here.

Ana Gotter
Ana is a strategic content marketer specializing in business, finance, and marketing writing, though she's worked across a range of industries. She works in Orlando with her three dogs and can be contacted at
Ana Gotter
Ana is a strategic content marketer specializing in business, finance, and marketing writing, though she's worked across a range of industries. She works in Orlando with her three dogs and can be contacted at