8 Ways to Generate Leads using Content Marketing

Businesses have been making a mistake with their approach towards generating leads.

So many of them think that asking people to buy their products/services will make them sell. And I hope by now most of them must have realized that it doesn’t work that way.

The audience is intelligent and won’t buy without a significant benefit. That’s the truth of human psychology!

So instead of asking them to buy, give them a reason to buy. And, here is when content marketing comes into the picture.

screenshot of marketing tweet

It sure does, but the execution is of great importance here. And, incorrect methods of execution can lead to declining results and low conversions.

For example, you must begin with creating valuable content for your audience and once they start interacting, offer them a benefit in return for subscribing to your emails. When they do, introduce yourself better and attract them with targeted offers.

This is just an example of how you can slowly take them through your sales funnel. And there are different ways to do that too. Let’s go through them one by one.

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8 Ways to Generate Leads using Content Marketing

1. Sketch a buyer persona

Do you know what’s worse than capturing no leads?

Capturing the wrong ones!

Without a clear set of demographics like age group, income, gender, location, ambitions, pain points, etc., it might get difficult for you to provide valuable content.

Because let’s say how can you get the right gift if you don’t even know the person!

A buyer persona should be on the first page of your content marketing book, where you can come back to once in a while. This helps in creating targeted content, and you can refer to it whenever you want.

For starters, you can jump onto the Facebook Audience Insights tool in the Facebook Ads Manager and start sketching your buyer persona.

facebook audience insights

2. Post compelling content on LinkedIn

B2B social media marketers, here is a piece of good news for you.

LinkedIn is the best social media platform for B2B business’s lead generation, taking up the conversion rate to 80%.

linkedin is the best social media platform

Despite all the other social media platforms, LinkedIn has had a strong foundation in the business world and will continue to have.

LinkedIn allows you to put out a word and build authority in front of your peers, which Facebook or Instagram can’t do.

Not just that, if you post blogs on LinkedIn, it affects your SEO rankings and you will also have more conversions as you must be connected to the people from your industry or related industries.

Focussing on how posting is necessary on LinkedIn and even other social media networks, you can shift to using social media posting tools like eClincher. As your business grows, eClincher might miss on offering specific functions. At this time, you can scroll through a bunch of eClincher alternatives, compare their features and pricing and use any of them.

This is how Rachel Foster got so many leads from LinkedIn.

screenshot of content calendar

Her post was featured on LinkedIn Pulse, and that is where she received a boom in the number of audiences. To generate quality leads, she attached a custom offer of a downloadable editorial calendar template to the post.

screenshot showing link to an editorial calendar template

And this is how the user could get access to a free template.

calendar template landing page

And there you have it. I hope this example of generating leads through LinkedIn helped you.

Let’s move ahead.

3. Offer lead magnets with Facebook Ads

Targeting leads on Facebook is now easier than ever. This platform has gathered unique data of each user from their purchase preferences to their personal information.

So it’s a big bang for businesses like yours!

You can have all the information regarding your audience and target the ones you want to. As I mentioned above, use Facebook Insights to dig deeper into your buyer persona and target them with relevant ad campaigns.

But remember, the audience won’t just subscribe to your newsletter because you asked them to. The question is ‘What will make the audience subscribe to your newsletter?’

Is it an eBook you are offering, a cheat sheet, industry reports, or product samples?

Whatever you decide to offer will be your lead magnet. This lead magnet will attract the user to click on the ad and enter their email address in order to get what you’re offering.

This is how Brennan Dunn made his attempt to generate leads from Facebook.

screenshot of facebook post

4. Work on your landing pages

If you are doing everything right with your content marketing techniques, there is still one thing that you need to make sure of.

Let’s say if your content marketing technique is doing wonders, and many people are clicking through. But what if all of them are reaching an underdesigned or an irrelevant landing page. They are instantly going to go back a few steps.

This won’t just increase your bounce rate, but also lower the chances of the audience coming back or clicking through again. So design your landing page well and update your copy to make the users believe you can help them.

For example, look at how a 2% conversion rate was increased to 27% just by making changes in the landing page.

Old Landing page

old landing page

New landing page

new landing page

5. Make the most of guest blogging

Guest blogs serve the purpose of more than just getting backlinks. First of all, you will be writing for a business that has already caught the attention of your audience. So you are basically putting your word out to your audience through guest blogging.

Secondly, when you are writing a guest blog, you can always add lead magnets. This is the most effective way to get the readers to your website. Attract them with a free ebook or a free course, and there you go!

You will now have your target audience clicking through it.

Let’s look at how Brad Hussy did it right in his guest blog for ConvertKit.

ConvertKit course
course leadgen 500x59 1

Lead magnet: a free email course

But the user has to fill in their email ids to gain access.

course example

6. Target long-tail keywords meaningfully

If you have a small or mid-sized business, you shouldn’t just jump for keywords that have high competition for them. Start patiently with long-tail keywords.

The steady one wins all races, remember?

There are a bunch of tools available for you to find keywords. So do your keyword research and find your long-tail keywords.

Start optimizing your page for this keyword. Use it in your headline, first few paragraphs, image name, image alt text, subheadings, etc. Post this, write solution-providing blogs, listicles, etc that are focussed on this keyword.

So as the user will find you in the search engine with the solution they are looking for, they will obviously keep reading on. Now, this is the time where you can use lead magnets like links, pop-ups, etc to generate new leads.

7. Host a webinar

The power of webinars in gathering leads is underrated. Webinars are just the right form of lead magnet that works faster in getting people interested.

As long as you provide something of value, or knowledge, which the users can gain with the comfort of their home, office, etc., they won’t mind giving you their contact details to enroll themselves in.

When you host a webinar with the purpose of generating leads, work on a webinar sign-up page. Here you can ask the users to provide their contact details and also ask what all they are expecting from the webinar.

These answers will help you develop better content so that your webinar audience doesn’t regret enrolling for even a second. Hence, better leads!

8. Use the feature of annotations on YouTube

You might be unaware of this tactic but it’s a good one, believe me!

You can use YouTube cards that will link to more content on your website. It might be displayed as just a text box with an “i” or as a card with a visual. You can also use these cards as lead magnets like this to generate quality leads.

YouTube cards

And, as the user clicks on the card, they will be redirected to a landing page where they have to enter their email address or any relevant contact information. After email registration, don’t forget to forward the user to the next step with CTR’s upto 30%.

You can also point towards the cards in your video while they get displayed. This will attract the user to relate to it more and they might open it in another tab while watching the video.

pointing towards video


There you go!

Now you have 8 different tactics to generate quality leads for your business.

So, tweak your content marketing strategy right away and fit these tactics in it.

I hope you found this article helpful and you are now ready with your next steps for your content marketing. Let us know which tactics you think will work best for you and why. If you have any more techniques in your arsenal, feel free to pin them down in the comments.

Happy Content Marketing!

About the Author

Surya Pandita
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