How to Make a Brochure in Google Docs

December 18, 2020
Kevin Kessler

Google Docs is an incredibly versatile tool you can use to make a two-fold, threefold, or even double-sided brochure.

You can create amazing media-friendly flyers to promote your business or an event.

To do so, you can use the Google Docs template or make your own brochure design. If you choose the latter, it’s a bit difficult but you will get a customized brochure.

However, although this is a useful feature, many people are still struggling to make a brochure on Google Docs, even if they just want to use the brochure template.

Are you one of them? If so, don’t worry.

You’re about to learn once and for all how to make a brochure on Google Docs from scratch or with brochure templates. In this article, we’ll give you a step-by-step walkthrough, so keep reading to find out more.

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What is a brochure?

Brochures are informational documents which advertise your company, a particular cause, or an event you’re organizing. You can use them to inform your current clients about company updates or to attract prospective partners. Google Docs is a useful work tool you can use to create various kinds of documents, including brochures. This entails using brochure templates, to quickly post something, or make your own designs.

Learning how to make a brochure on Google Docs can help promote your company, build trust, and attract even more clients. For that, it’s essential you get familiar with the different brochure-making options available.

Why make a brochure on Google Docs?

Brochures are still a relevant means of advertising. They’re budget-friendly, especially if you learn to make a brochure on Google Docs. Moreover, they’re an excellent marketing tool to help gain more trust with your current clients. Alternatively, you can also use them to attract new partners and show your reliability.

Brochures are something people take away with them, which helps them remember your brand. Therefore, it’s important you create something memorable yet not loaded with unnecessary information. And since you can make personalized brochures on Google Docs, you can ensure they contain everything your company needs.

How to make a brochure on Google Docs: A step-by-step walkthrough

If you want to promote your company, show its credibility and professionalism, you can do so simply and efficiently. Plus, it’s free! We’re talking about learning how to make a brochure on Google Docs. In this section, we’ll explain how to make a brochure using a Google Docs template. Furthermore, you’ll see how you can also personalize your flyer, and even create trifold brochures.

In a nutshell, there are two ways you can do this:

Method #1: Use the Google Docs Template

First of all, to make a pamphlet using the Google Docs template, you need to log in to your Google account. If you don’t already have one, make sure you create it before making a brochure. Once you’re logged in, here’s what you have to do:

  1. Go to
  2. To get access to templates, open the template gallery. It’s located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Click on it.
  4. You should now see the options in the template gallery.
  5. Scroll until you see ‘Work’ selection.
  6. Google Docs has two brochure templates: ‘Modern Writer’ and ‘Geometric’. They both have different styles. Select the one you want to use.
  1.  Google Docs will now open the template you selected.
  2.  You can now edit everything to suit your needs.

There are various edits you can make to the Google Docs template. Here’s what you can do to customize this theme:

  1. Once the template is opened, you can change the text, replace and resize images, change the formatting, etc.
  2. You can also set the orientation for your brochure. For this, navigate to ‘File’ and then find ‘Page setup.’ Now select ‘Landscape’ instead of ‘Portrait’, change the margins, paper size, paper color, etc.
  3. Finally, when you finish editing the flyer, go to ‘File’ and search for ‘Print.’

Method #2: Use Google Docs to Personalize Your Brochure

Before you start making a flyer, take some time to brainstorm how you want it to look. Since you’re going to make everything from scratch, this is an essential step. After you’ve made a decision, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to
  2. Select the ‘Blank document.’
  3. Then, go to ‘File’ and find ‘Page setup.’ To change the orientation of your document, follow the steps above.
  4. Then, click on ‘Format’ from the menu bar, and tap on ‘Columns.’ You’ll see three options. Select the one you like the most.

Note: For a bi-fold flyer, choose the option with two columns. If you want a trifold brochure, you’ll select three columns. And if you need a double-sided brochure, make sure you create two pages of a document.

You can now insert text, charts, images, footnotes, tables, and many other options to personalize your document.


Hopefully, this article has given you an insight into making a brochure on Google Docs. The methods are relatively simple, but they produce great results. Remember, brochures help you promote your brand and attract new clients. Choose the pre-made brochure template from the Google Docs template gallery. Alternatively, make your own design and create a unique look for your brochure.

Kevin Kessler
Kevin J. Kessler is a published author of five fantasy novels, a professional wrestler, and a puppeteer (not all at the same time). Kevin is a content writer at Codeless.

About the Author

Kevin Kessler
Kevin J. Kessler is a published author of five fantasy novels, a professional wrestler, and a puppeteer (not all at the same time). Kevin is a content writer at Codeless.