How to Repurpose Your Blog on Instagram’s Posts

November 13, 2020
Valeria Santalla

Looking for Instagram content ideas? Have you thought about repurposing your own blog content? Repurposing your blog on Instagram requires a little more creativity than other social media. Using Facebook and Twitter, for example, all you have to do is share your content and link back to your blog! You can also share a short copy from your blog post as a hook.  However, Instagram can work a little differently.

repurpose your bolg on instagram posts

So you want to drive traffic from your Instagram into your blog, right? As one of the fastest-growing social media, Instagram has become quite a powerful marketing tool for any brand. This means Instagram is actually a great place for bloggers like you to market your personal brand beyond your website!

14% of U.S adults use Instagram as a news source


If you wrote about a trendy topic, just make a tutorial for your curious readers; Instagram is a great place to transform these into engaging posts. This is also a great way to never run out of content ideas for your Instagram feed.

The idea behind repurposing content is to maximize your efforts and give your content a second chance on another platform with a whole new audience that might be different from your blog audience. We tell you how to share a post on Instagram in 8 creative ways!

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8 Great Repurposing Content Ideas

We are about to give eight great ideas to repurpose your blog content into great Instagram juice for your followers! This can help you get the most out of your blog while also reaching new audiences. There is no going wrong with reposting your blog posts on Instagram in new fun ways!

1. Share a Quote from Your Blog Post


Choose an impactful and meaningful quote from your blog post to share as an image and link it back to your post. Choose a quote that is a thinker, that is engaging, or choose a few words from your blog post that represent it while also grabbing your reader’s attention.

One thing though, you need an amazing image to actually grab the attention of your followers so we recommend you use Instagram design templates to post awesomely designed images. This will help you save time to focus on your writing and leave the post designs to others.

You can also try free templates from online design tools to try making your own designs without spending a fortune.

2. Post a Promoting Image to LinkBack

Choose an image or make designs that highly represent your blog post, and it’s captivating at the same time. Post it on your feed to promote your blog post. When it comes to Instagram, compelling images is a must, so design images that are the best of the best!

3. Tease with Instagram Stories

Share a teaser or a hook to your newest blog post using an Instagram story that is flashy and intriguing. Both images and videos can work great on your Instagram stories! You might want to try each one from time to time to keep it interesting.

500 million users create or watch this short-lived content daily


Make a buzz using your Instagram stories and include “swipe ups” to link your blog post directly. You should also keep in mind that stories are only temporary. If you want a more permanent piece of your blog post, you should also share it on your feed.

Instagram stories represent an opportunity for you to be more casual and fun with your followers, show a whole new side of you!

4. Short Teaser Video


Share a short teaser video with a few highlights of your posts and flashy animations. Remember, videos are great attention seekers.

While photos tend to drive more likes per post, videos drive more comments on average.

This could be because with videos, users are taking the time to view it. This creates a larger window of opportunity for engagements.


5. Make a Whole IGTV Video Out of It


You can convert your blog post completely into a whole video.  Use your IGTV to post these longer videos.

6. Quick Recap with an Instagram Album

You can make a little recap using highlights from your blog post and post them on your Instagram feed as an Instagram album of several images, carousels, or multi-image posts.

Use a group of image designs to tell the same story your blog post does. This works just like storyboarding, and it is also a great way to send followers back to your blog.

7. Make Visual Stats

If you just wrote a blog post that uses important data to back up your information, use this! When you translate your post into powerful visuals such as stats or infographics, you can engage with visual learners (most people on social media). When you combine hard data with an amazing story, you can get extraordinary results.

8. Go Live and Announce Your Post

You can discuss your newest Instagram blog post on a live stream with your followers. Use this video to engage with them, let them ask questions, and give them answers!

Key Points for Your Personal Blog on Instagram

  • Never forget to add your blog post’s URL to your Instagram posts and stories. If the link is too long, use a tool to shorten it. These tools, like Bitly can also help you track how many blog posts visitors came from your Instagram profile!

This way, you will become aware of how much traffic you can actually drive to your blog using social media platforms.

  • Your Instagram’s Bio should also include the main link to the blog!
  • Spread your content. You can use one blog post spread over several Instagram posts ideas to make the most out of it! For example, use a whole week to talk about one single topic you just wrote something about!
  • Write a strong, bold caption! Use a caption that entices your followers to read your blog post. Also, always remember to add a clear call to action on your caption.
  • Insert clickable options on your captions and descriptions to redirect your followers onto your blog. You can actually experiment with your link positions to see which form of linking works best for your audience. Remember, there is no secret formula is all comes down to experimenting.
  • Remember, people are always interested in content that helps answer their questions. Do your research prior to making content and post information that is actually relevant and valuable to them. Just as helpful blog posts are way more popular, interesting Instagram posts will have a better performance.

You can use tools like answer the public to research what audiences are asking. You can also make your own research and ask your followers directly what they would like to read about, use an Instagram poll, a Q&A, or a “ask me a question” on your stories!

Remember the internet is a busy place; if your content is not valuable, you will never get noticed.

  • Keep your content consistent with your blog; there is a brand image to keep! Both your blog and any of your social media should keep in the same tone.
  • Pick your best pieces, don’t just post anything you write.

Last Words

Repurposing your blog content on social media is a great way to recycle your efforts and drive more traffic to your blog! Get creative and expand your content efforts to reach new audiences.

It is important that you know your options to share your content on Instagram, but you don’t have to choose between one or the other. You can definitely mix and match these repurposing content ideas to make the most out of your blog posts. So yes, you can make a live announcement to talk about your post, and also post a teaser video on Instagram Stories, and anything else you feel like doing to promote your blog. Just be careful and avoid being spammy…

So what do you think? Get your blog pots in order and start making super interesting posts to get your Instagram following hyped about your blog!

Valeria Santalla
Valeria Santalla is a multi-disciplinary graphic designer and writer that loves to create branding images for local business, she currently collaborates as a content marketer for one of the largest logo maker and design template library websites.

About the Author

Valeria Santalla
Valeria Santalla is a multi-disciplinary graphic designer and writer that loves to create branding images for local business, she currently collaborates as a content marketer for one of the largest logo maker and design template library websites.