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How to Create a Resume with Google Docs

When searching for a dream job, a professional resume is an essential ingredient of the process. But organizing your work history, education, and professional skills in a single resume can be a challenging thing to do.

In fact, many people struggle with how to write a resume that accurately represents their abilities and highlights their accomplishments.
That’s why it can be incredibly beneficial to have a professionally composed resume and a good-looking resume template.

But what if you don’t know how to go about writing a resume or where to start looking? A top resume writing service can help you create a professional resume that will get you noticed by potential employers by using keywords that relate to the position you’re applying for.

When it comes to the best resume template options, look no further than Google Docs. This free web-based collaborative word processor has many excellent free resume layouts to consider during your job hunt.

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What Is a Resume Template in Google Docs?

Apps such as Google Docs and Google Sheets provide many template options. For example, in Google Sheets, you can use a budget template to organize your finances.

You don’t have to spend hours creating and customizing the layout by yourself, and it’s easily accessible. Similarly, you can click on one of many resume templates in Google Docs and simply fill out all the required information.

You can choose a template that fits your idea of what a resume should look like and then further customize it by adding or removing categories in the document.

resume template

Why Create a Resume With Google Docs?

Simply put, a Google Docs resume builder is quick and easy. Also, when you’re unsure what to focus on and what the layout should look like, a template can help immensely.

But not all resume templates are created equal. Google Docs resume templates are versatile, but they also have one thing in common – a professional design. It’s up to you to choose the template you believe your potential employer will appreciate the most.

How to Create Resume With Google Docs: A Step-by-Step Walkthrough

It doesn’t have to take ages to create the perfect resume. Starting from a blank page can be overwhelming. That’s why a Google docs resume template is a great strategy to adopt when completing a job application. Here’s how you can access the Google docs resume template:

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is log into your Google account and open Google Docs. If you don’t have a Google account, be sure to create one.

Step 2

From the drop-down Google app menu, click on the Google Docs app. You’ll see the option to “Start a new document.” You can choose a blank page and create a resume from scratch.

But if you want to increase your chances of landing the job, perhaps going with the template is a better choice. So, click on the “Template Gallery” option in the upper right corner.

google docs resume templates

Step 3

At the very top of the template list, you’ll see all the resume layouts. You can review your options and choose the Google docs resume that fits your needs.

When you click, it will immediately open in a new document. While Google Drive will automatically save the document, make sure to give it a name too.

google docs template selection

Step 4

When you have your resume template in front of you, start entering all the relevant information. You don’t have to worry about the order of things, and you can always change it later.

Your skills, work history, education, and all other important details can fit into the template because it can expand as you go. Future employers will be able to get a clear view of your background and read a list of your accomplishments.


1. Do you need advanced digital skills to create a resume in Google Docs?

The answer is no, you don’t. So many people choose Google Docs resume templates because you don’t need any skills. It’s just a few clicks and basic data entry. Your only job is to figure out what to put in the resume.

2. How can you find the Cover Letter template in Google Docs?

If you’re adding a Cover Letter to your resume, you can use a template that matches the resume in Google Docs. When you click on the “Template Gallery” option, the Cover Letters will be located directly under resume templates. You can also rely on cover letter templates from websites like Jobseeker that you can then import to Google Docs.

3. Should you customize your resume for every job application?

While this is up to every person to choose, a dedicated job seeker will probably customize each resume to fit the requirements of the potential employer to increase the chances of getting hired.

4. What are the best Google Docs resume templates?

There are many resume template options in Google Docs. However, a few of them have stood out over time. That’s why they sit at the top of the resume template search in Google Docs. You can look for resume templates Coral, Modern Writer, Serif, Swiss, and Spearmint and see if any of them work for you.

5. Can you download your resume in Google docs in a different file format?

Yes, you can. When you create your resume in Google Docs, you can navigate to “File” then choose “Download” and select one of the several options, which include PDF and MS Word.

Creating a Great Resume

Google Docs has proven to be one of the best resume builder tools online. It’s a free service that focuses on what’s important.

The most popular resume templates it offers are exactly what a recruiter looks for when reading through many applications. Attaching a Cover Letter is a few clicks away too. Creating a resume using Google Docs allows users to focus on the content and not the layout of their job application.

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