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The Best 9+ WordPress Plugins to Boost Your SEO Writing

WordPress is by far the most popular content management system because it gives people and organizations the opportunity to build and administer websites quickly and effortlessly. The platform offers users more than 55 thousand plugins, thus making it easy to customize and enhance digital content.

Another important aspect of WordPress is its incredible SEO friendliness. In the universe where 93% of online traffic comes from search engines, it’s always a good idea to choose a few optimization plugins and use them to boost the discoverability of your content.

We understand that it’s not easy to identify the most productive tools among thousands of solutions, so we decided to give you a hand. In this post, we will present you the top nine WordPress plugins that will help you to boost SEO writing.

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1. Yoast SEO

It’s hard to imagine the optimization of WordPress sites without Yoast SEO. It is the platform’s native SEO tool with over five million active installations, including some of the most renowned business websites globally.

What can Yoast SEO do for you?

The list of features is almost endless, but we can point out the main functions such as XML sitemaps, breadcrumbs monitoring, URL optimization, customization of meta tags, and local SEO. The basic version of Yoast SEO is free of charge and limited, but it gives you lots of valuable features nonetheless.

But if you are ready to invest some money and buy the premium package, Yoast SEO can do many other things for you.

For instance, it offers valuable content insights so you can use the tool to detect the phrases you should focus on more frequently. Yoast SEO Premium gives you a full list of synonyms and related search phrases, while it also includes an automated system for internal linking suggestions.

Yoast SEO

2. Google Keyword Planner

You probably understand the importance of keywords already. These are the search terms and phrases your audience is likely to search while looking for similar brands or products online. For instance, it’s not the same whether you write about writing services reviews or academic writing analysis because these are the two different phrases.

This is where Google Keyword Planner steps in to help you. Although not specifically designed as a WordPress plugin, this is one of the fundamental tools you should use to discover the most relevant keywords for any type of written content.

Google Keyword Planner highlights the most frequently searched terms and phrases as well as the changes in search trends in any given period. Using this tool, you can narrow down the options and identify the best keywords from thousands of possible solutions.

Google Keyword Planner

3. All in One SEO Pack

Just like the name suggests, All in One SEO Pack represents an all-encompassing optimization plugin ideal for anything from blog pages to online retail marketers. With this tool at your disposal, you don’t have to worry about SEO too much – it solves all sorts of issues, including things like keyword density, title optimization, advanced canonical URLs, and many more.

Besides that, All in One SEO Pack is easy to install and use, which makes it perfect even for beginner-level content creators. This doesn’t mean that the plugin lacks features. On the contrary, All in One SEO Pack comes with an API for developers so you can even play with it to customize the functions.

Another thing about this plugin that makes us really impressed is customer support that comes with the premium package. It is an all-encompassing library of quality learning resources, so you can find out anything you want about All in One SEO Pack and its numerous features.

All in One SEO Pack

4. SEO Quake

SEO Quake is yet another precious tool in the content writing arsenal. If you want to research and compare your pages against competitors’ websites and find ways to improve, this might as well be the best platform for you.

SEO Quake is an extension which works with all of the major browsers – Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc. It gives you a broad scope of possibilities, but the ones we love the most include:

  • SEO audits
  • Real-time webpage ranking
  • Lists of the latest updates
  • SEO comparisons between sites
  • Alexa ranking
  • Semrush Open .Trends

What makes this plugin valuable is its ability to minimize a writer’s workload and automate almost every SEO action. You don’t need to spend hours or even days to research keywords, ranking, social media likes, and many more. Everything is available at a glance, so you can focus on your writing immediately.

SEO Quake

5. Google Analyticator

You can’t improve ranking in engine searches if you don’t analyze website performance continuously. It is necessary to track everything from traffic to acquisitions, but the only way to do it is by using professional plugins like Google Analyticator.

The plugin has the purpose to display Google Analytics directly in WordPress, so you can control every aspect of website performance from the dashboard. It doesn’t take an IT guru to realize how important Google Analytics is for every content creator or webmaster.

With this plugin in your hands, you can enjoy the privilege of extensive reporting. A simple Google Analyticator dashboard will keep you informed about the number of visitors in the last month, the most popular pages, content consumption habits, frequent searches, and many more.

It is only a small portion of details you can discover with Google Analyticator, which is why we encourage you to install the plugin.

Google Analyticator

6. SEMRush

SEMRush is an all-around marketing toolkit with a wide range of features for all types of websites. What we love about SEMRush is its contribution to SEO processes since the tool enables you to understand the functioning of yours and competitors’ sites.

First of all, you can use it to analyze competitors in terms of keyword strategies, ranking trends, and newcomers. Secondly, you get a complete overview of rivals’ advertising strategies, locations, and budgets. At the same time, SEMRush will help you to launch keyword researches and find the best solutions for your own content. You also get to analyze website traffic in multiple reporting formats.

If you are ready to promote the content and invest in advertising, SEMRush will give you additional insights. For example, you will learn how to tailor ads for local audiences, identify new competitors in recent search engine ads, and figure out their budgets. The number of options is almost countless, so you’ll have to check it out for yourself.


7. SEO Image Optimizer

Images play a major role in content writing because they support your claims and make the posts better and more appealing. According to the report, using images in blog posts can get you up to 94% more views.

But visual details demand optimization as well, which is why we recommend you to install SEO Image Optimizer. Although versatile, the plugin essentially does two important things:

  • It changes image titles and alt tags to make the content SEO-friendly.
  • It compresses visuals to make them smaller and to improve webpage load speed.

As always, the PRO version comes with many bonus features. Some of the interesting options include WooCommerce product images optimization, SEO optimization of all visuals, image libraries, and many others.

SEO Image Optimizer

8. Broken Link Checker

One of the worst things that can happen to your website is to get overwhelmed with broken links. Such URLs ruin user experience and seriously jeopardize the authority of your website in the eyes of visitors and search engines like Google.

To prevent this problem, you need a plugin such as Broken Link Checker. The purpose of this tool is simple but fundamental – it inspects all links on your websites to identify broken URLs and help you to make edits. This doesn’t only include webpage links but also the ones that can be found in comments, custom fields, etc.

Besides malfunctioning URLs, Broken Link Checker will also find missing redirects and website images. The plugin automatically informs you about possible shortcomings via email or directly through the dashboard. At the same time, you can use the tool to order search engines to stop following any broken link you might have on your website.

Broken Link Checker

9. Schema

Schema (also known as All in One Schema Rich Snippets) is a popular snippet creator which makes search engine results look more beautiful and appealing. You can use it to make your website look better than other search results using features like star ratings, product images, and many more.

Schema won’t influence your ranking directly, but it should drive more traffic and help your site to grow that way. This is particularly important for web pages containing long and highly informative pieces of text or even visual presentations. In such situations, Schema makes the webpage appear much more compelling in engine searches, thus convincing more users to check out the content.



SEO writing in WordPress is a challenging business which requires a fair share of time, planning, knowledge, and experience. However, the job becomes a lot easier when you start using some of the best automation tools because they help you to speed up and simplify the process.

In this article, we focused on the top nine WordPress plugins that could help you to boost SEO writing. Have you ever tested any of these tools? Which one do you consider to be the best for your site? Make sure to write a comment – we would love to hear more about your experiences!

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