5 Types of Videos Every Brand Must Make

June 10, 2021

If you are reading this blog post, it would be fair to assume that you are aware of the massive potential of video marketing. Brands across the world are recognizing the importance of video marketing and are investing time in its creation and distribution.

93% of marketing professionals swear by the positive impact of videos on their marketing strategy. This number has been gradually increasing since 2015, re-emphasising on the importance of videos for brands.

If you have never created a video, then getting started can be tricky. From instructional videos to FAQs and everything in between, there are numerous types of videos that a brand can make. However, how do we decide which ones are the most important?

This is where we come in. In this blog post, we will not just help you in deciding which videos to create but also help you in creating them. You are in luck, aren’t you?

Let’s begin!

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Commercial videos

Commercial videos are all about attracting, focusing and holding the attention of your audience towards the key feature of your brand, along with a clear call to action.

This is the most common type of video and yet the most powerful. The idea is to bring out the most interesting part of your brand in the shortest and most innovative way possible.

In this video, Amanda’s Hearing Center hilariously brings out the reason why the man needs a hearing aid and ends it with a strong call-to-action.

As per a survey, marketing professionals are becoming more efficient in creating brand videos, thanks to which, the retention rate of the viewers is also going up exponentially. The study also revealed that the probability of a viewer completing a 15 second advertisement is way higher than a 30 second one.

Commercials make a great addition to a website or homepage, since they introduce your new audience to the brand instantly in the easiest way possible.

The key to a successful commercial is to make it memorable!

Keep it short and keep it witty!

Videos for social media

When social media platforms and video marketing trends are sandwiched together, you are sure to taste a brand following like no other.

Videos on social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are usually bite-sized and are designed to be fun, engaging and with a clear motive to be shared.

Here, Haagen Dazs works with just two attention grabbing features – the first one is their mouth-watering strawberry ice-cream in a cone and the second is an incomplete statement, “ without honey bees”.

This grabs the users attention in the initial two seconds of the video, leaving them with a feeling of wanting to know more. In the next few seconds, the viewers realize that Haagen Dazs is celebrating Free Cone Day, in support of the bees.

This is a perfect example of videos made for social media. They give out a strong message and appeal to the audience.

The trick here is to get creative. There are a lot of fun apps and platforms that make it easy to build visually appealing brand videos for all social media platforms. You need to find the right tool and get those creative juices flowing.

Explainer videos

Explainer videos are slightly longer than the commercials and social media videos. They should always be created keeping three major questions in mind:

  • What is the problem you are trying to solve?
  • How will your solution fix the problem?
  • What is the USP of your solution?

The answer to these will make a good starting point to create an explainer video.

A popular study conducted by Wyzowl, claimed that 83% of businesses acknowledged that their explainer videos are effective and play an integral part in their marketing strategy.

This video of Walmart serves as a good example for explainer videos. In less than two minutes, they have detailed how a customer can make purchases online as well as from the store. In the last few seconds they end the video with a bang by emphasizing on their slogan – ‘Save Money. Live Better’.

Brands are often under the misconception that creating explainer videos is a costly affair. However, it’s not.

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to have an explainer video ready in a matter of a few minutes is to create one using a free screen recorder .

If you are putting together a demo tour of your product/service, record your screen and/or webcam, add your calendar to the video and allow your customers to book a meeting with you via the video.

With this kind of video, we have not just explained the product to the customer, we have also directed them on what to do next (CTA) and given them an option to ask further questions about the product right away (book meetings).

Add this video to your landing page and you have a video landing page! Else, you could insert this on your blog and provide extra valuable content to your readers.

Pro tip: If you have limited human resources and they are occupied creating videos, you could always use tools such as Wordable to save the time that goes into manually formatting and publishing blog posts. Export your blog posts to HubSpot or WordPress instantly, add your videos and you are good to go!

Customer testimonials

Testimonial GIF

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What can be better than having a past customer rave about how much they love your product/service? Feedback from a past or current customer hands down has a stronger impact on potential customers when compared to anything you market about your own firm.

While there is no set way to make a testimonial video, the key to hit the right chord with the audience is authenticity. 

Your brand needs to establish trust with your potential customers. You can brainstorm and narrow down the perfect messaging, implement the smartest strategies, but if the people don’t trust you they won’t buy from you. The only way to build that bond is to have an unbiased third person vouch for your brand.

When that happens is when the magic wand is waved!

In this example, Magic Flask offers a very authentic take by capturing the reaction of its customers in real-time. The difference in the reaction of the alcohol tasters first in a regular glass and the second time in the magic flask, will make you want to know more about them instantly.

Also, as per a survey, 87% of consumers rely on online reviews before making a buying decision.

Frequently asked questions

Every brand always has a bunch of followers who are full of questions. Right from enquiring how the product or service works to reaching out for help, while being stuck in the process of using the product/service. To handle all of these frequently asked questions and take some load off your customer support team, a well curated FAQ video is the answer.

This video is a fair example of a FAQ video. The owner of the channel has kept the video clear, precise and actually answers customer’s questions. Since a viewer is more likely to watch a video than read text, the time and effort invested in curating a FAQ video will give far more returns than textual content.

If a viewer leaves a FAQ video with more questions in mind than when they started, you have clearly done something wrong. The key to a successful FAQ video is to pick one topic at a time. Record multiple FAQ videos and create a playlist to get your brand voice out in the clearest way possible. Cramping too many unrelated topics into a single video is always a big NO.

The right time is now

While these are the five types of videos that are a must-have for every brand, the sky’s the limit for the growth opportunities that video marketing is presenting to brands like yours. Nowadays not only do most social media platforms prefer video content but also our mobile phones are built to enhance the video viewing experience more than ever before. This means that the right time to jump in and create your first video is NOW.

Strategically created brand videos contain the power to touch a chord with the viewers that go beyond the product or the service that the brand is offering. The aim with every video is to create a feeling of positive association with the audience. There is a reason why Apple users possess more than one Apple product, isn’t it? The answer is they associate with the brand!

Luckily, there are tons of freelancers and agencies that you can hire to help you create brand videos from scratch to the end at minimal costs. Hence if you feel that creating a video might burn a hole in your pocket, then be rest assured, that is the least of your worries.

Start by narrowing down your brand goals, decide on the first set of videos that bring out that goal in totality, start creating your video and hit the publish button!

Let us begin GIF

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The longer you wait before creating your first video, the more customers you lose! What are you waiting for?

An avid marketer, Suchita has been helping B2B brands with content marketing for over three years. She loves penning down complex concepts in a way that doesn't make readers scratch their heads.

About the Author

An avid marketer, Suchita has been helping B2B brands with content marketing for over three years. She loves penning down complex concepts in a way that doesn't make readers scratch their heads.