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Want to write for Wordable? Good choice!

We write about blogging, content marketing, systems and process, and more generally, how to be a more productive content marketer.

If you like writing about those things, you’ll be a good fit.

In return, you get access to our audience of content crafters as well as a link (DA 53 or something like that). Plus the satisfaction of a job well done 🙂

Here’s the process for writing for us:

  1. Read the guidelines below. It’s important. Additionally, familiarize yourself with our blog content and style (link here).
  2. Fill out the form below to submit a bit about you and your article ideas (If you don’t have an article idea, we can work with you to provide one. We have a large content backlog. Mention that if that’s the case.)
  3. Our editor will review your submission and reach out to you with any next steps.

Here are our guidelines:

  1. Be useful
  2. Be data driven
  3. Be thorough
  4. Be original
  5. Be engaging

Rule One: Be Useful

Core to our content strategy is utility. The reader should leave more effective at their job than they came.

So while thought pieces are interesting, we need to consistently ask ourselves, “so what?”

In fact, a great thought framework to walk through when you’re writing a post or making a point is:

  • What?
  • So what?
  • Now what?

Essentially, let’s be useful to the reader. Provide tools, tips, tricks, tactics, and be spare on the exposition or opinionated rants.

Another point here: avoid basic BS. Our readers aren’t beginners, so you can skip the 101 stuff and get into the good stuff.

Rule Two: Be Data Driven

The world is filled with misleading headlines, PR fluff, and opinionated garbage. Thing is, there are a lot of fantastic writers that advance misleading opinions due to lack of research. They write persuasively and don’t do the world a damn bit of good.

We do research here. We scour the data and make sure we’re telling the truth. Instead of saying something like, “longer posts are better for SEO” find a study (or 3) that support this. Also, find the why (why do longer posts work better for SEO?).

The rule of thumb: no opinions unchecked. Back up everything with data/research.

Rule Three: Be thorough

If you make a point, flesh it out fully. The reader shouldn’t leave confused. Everything should be cleared up by the end of the post, at which point the reader can then go on and put into action what we’ve written about.

If you can’t fully explain a concept, make sure you link out to a resource that can.

In general, opt for thoroughness over brevity. We want to be useful and clear, but we also want to make sure the point is understood.

Rule Four: Be original

Don’t plagiarize; that’s obvious.

But also, don’t pitch “me-too-content.” If it’s just the same garbage rehashed that every other blogger is writing about, how can we stand out? How are we contributing?

We don’t want to be the noise. We want to be the signal.

Be original. It’s more fun. It’s more effective.

Rule Five: Be engaging

We’re storytellers writing to an audience of storytellers, so use your words and images carefully to draw people into a narrative that is interesting and engaging. People shouldn’t want to skim or bounce, they should be drawn to each and every subsequent sentence. Craft your content usefully, but also artfully.

If you don’t have an article idea, we can work with you to provide one. We have a large content backlog.

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