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How to scale content as a small(ish) team

If you’re a content manager for a small team, or a one-person show, this course if for you!

We’ll show you how to increase content output and results, without blowing your budget or losing your mind.
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Why content fails (and how to save it)

Content should be an investment that produces a positive ROI. Unfortunately, most doesn’t.

This completely-free, 45-minute, step-by-step walkthrough will break down each reason (along with how to fix them).
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Read in-depth guides 📚🤓

Still copying content into WordPress? You’re doing it wrong. Here’s why.

Copying & pasting content from Google Docs into WordPress not only screws up formatting, but messes up images, slows down your site, and reduces conversions. Here’s why.
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Content optimization tips: Title tags & meta descriptions aren’t your problem.

Those might have worked in 2002. But not anymore. Today, content optimization starts before you ever write a single word. Keep reading to find out why.
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Content briefs: How to “spoon-feed” writers exactly what you want

Here’s how to create a killer content brief, and how to scale the content brief template process across all the content you publish.
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How to automate content publishing
with Wordable

✅ Streamline work with writers & teams
✅ On-page optimization in bulk
✅ Automate your publishing settings

1. Connect Google Drive

  • Make sure ALL permissions are enabled (trying to customize these will prevent Wordable from showing you your documents)
  • You will be able to see your own documents in the Import column.
  • Team members will be able to pull them for collaboration, too.
  • Google Drive permissions won’t allow us or anyone outside of your team to view document contents.
Read more about connecting &
troubleshooting Google Drive

2. Connect your site

  • Our WordPress plugin requires that you’re running at least WordPress 5.0.
  • You’ll need to upload, activate, and connect the WordPress plugin.
  • Team members will be able to pull them for collaboration, too.
  • Trouble connecting WordPress? Check to see if there’s a plugin conflict, like using security plugins like Wordfence or similar.
Read more about connecting &
troubleshooting WordPress.

3. Import & export docs ASAP

  • Click “Import” to import a document.
  • Edit the document details to optimize in bulk.
  • Click “Export” to load up your Export queue.
  • Save recurring publishing tasks with templates to export next time in 1-click.
Read more about using templates
for 1-click publishing.

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