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17 Of The Best Content Promotion Tools In 2022

Content promotion isn’t a one-time thing. And that makes it a difficult task.

With close to 70 million posts going live every month on WordPress alone, readers are already overwhelmed by all the content there is to consume.

As a result, they’ve resorted to choosing channels they can rely on for valuable content. These readers rely on any number of platforms to get their information, like email, social media, influencer updates, or popular websites.

So, in addition to writing and publishing great content, you’ll need to meet them where they are by promoting your content to their favorite channels to make sure they read it.

This article will give you 13 of the best content promotion tools to help you promote your content at scale, and boost your content marketing efforts.


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Email List Promotion Tools

Once you publish your content, your first order of business should be your email list. Chances are, it’s content that made your potential customers sign up in the first place. That means you will never go wrong with sending new content to them.

Here are the tools you need to make your content promotion efforts easier:

#1. Sender

Sender is the go-to platform for small businesses, ecommerce stores, and entrepreneurs looking to distribute content through email marketing without complexity or high costs. It’s designed for those who want to grow their audience, utilize automation, and offer personalized content without overwhelming subscribers.


  • Simplifies segmentation, allowing you to personalize your communications and send targeted emails for relevance and higher engagement. 
  • Offers a visual automation workflow builder to deliver your messages at the optimal time so you can take advantage of every opportunity to connect. 
  • Integrates SMS marketing for omnichannel customer experience and getting maximum conversions through automated follow-up messages, abandoned cart SMS, etc., along with emails. 
  • Comes equipped with a rich library of responsive email templates and an easy-to-use drag-and-drop design tool, making your newsletters visually appealing and mobile-friendly. 


Sender offers a generous free plan that supports up to 2,500 subscribers and 1,500 emails per month without any feature limitations. For advanced features like SMS marketing, paid plans start at $15.83 monthly. 

#2. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is an ideal solution for small startups that are just getting started with email marketing or have a small list and want to send targeted information to subscribers frequently.



  • Allows you to segment your subscribers so you share content with those who need it instead of email blasting every subscriber.
  • Its time warp feature allows you to send your new content to email subscribers in their time zones. This way, you’re sure that the emails you send won’t go unread.
  • Allows you to create beautiful email newsletters with its 99+ free Mailchimp templates providing visual content for your weekly content updates to your subscribers.


 Mailchimp has four plans: Free, Essentials, Standard, and Premium, all with relevant features to suit your needs as you’re getting started.

#3. Mailmunch

Mailmunch provides lead generation and email marketing features to startups, enterprises, and sole proprietors. HTML email templates from Mailmunch are ideal for entities looking to grow their email marketing revenue. Customers can avail themselves of the best opportunity to embed forms, sign-up forms, exit-intent popups, landing pages and a lot more with Mailmunch.


  • Develop email lists with a broad range of opt-in forms applicable to different industries and purposes
  • Offers lead nurturing sequence to nurture leads 
  • High conversion rates with the most unique and appealing landing pages 
  • Meets the expectations to lower cart abandonment with easy-to-build automations 


Mailmunch pricing plans include 3 major categories; Free, Essential, and Pro depending on the features you want to scale to promote your email marketing efforts. 

#4. GetProspect

GetProspect is a handy Chrome extension that will allow you to simplify the search for leads for your cold marketing. With this LinkedIn email finder, you can get thousands of email addresses in bulk with just one click without even leaving the current tab.


  • Available database. You don’t need to visit LinkedIn at all. GetProspect collects and updates information regularly. All data is properly cleaned and stored in over 50 million contacts. 
  • Search for emails on any website. While browsing any website, simply click the GetProspect icon in the Chrome extension, paste the name of the person you want to find, and extract the email from the web page. Learn about the website’s CMS, framework, and other technologies or tools.
  • Integration with over 2000 services. Connect your customer prospecting process to your favorite marketing tools: Pipedrive, Hubspot, SalesForce, MailChimp, and more.


In addition to the free plan with 50 valid emails available, GetProspect also offers Starter, Growth, and Agency plans for $49, $99, and $2,999.

#5. ActiveCampaign

As your email list grows, you’ll need to segment your contacts automatically to save time by sending content-based emails based on user behavior to your potential customers.

And to do that, Active Campaign has you covered.



  • It comes with advanced marketing automation features to help you promote your content to subscribers throughout the buyer’s journey with ease.
  • Offers excellent customer service whenever you get stuck using the tool
  • Has beautiful email templates to help you send engaging email newsletters to your subscribers.


Active Campaign has four pricing plans and you pay depending on the number of contacts you have.

#6. HubSpot

HubSpot is an all in one marketing tool that allows you to scale your content promotion activities for all your sales and any other marketing campaigns you’re running: customer relationship management, inbound marketing campaigns, sales, and customer service.



  • Comes with Live Chat, allowing you to speak with your website visitors, answer their questions, and share relevant content with them.
  • Allows you to track lead behavior through their CRM so that you send leads relevant content based on their behavior on different stages of their buying journey
  • Allows you to track social mentions from your customers, so you know what they’re talking about and join the conversation using relevant content


In addition to their free plan, HubSpot has Starter, Professional, and Enterprise plans. They come at different pricing depending on the features you need to scale your content promotion efforts.

Social Media Promotion Tools

78% of Facebook users rely on the platform to look for new products and services.

Social conversations dominate social media channels. But your target market still needs content to help them learn more about their problems, and products or services that will solve them.

Here are the tools you need to use when promoting your content on social media channels:  

#7. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a social media management platform that helps you with all of your content promotion activities on different social media channels.



  • Allows you to monitor the content you share on all of your social media channels in one place
  • Provides different levels of permission. A marketing manager has control over what the team managing content promotion efforts can and can’t do on your company’s social account. You don’t have to worry about its security.
  • Provides you with useful reports via email to help you know how your website content is performing on social media.


In addition to a free 30-day trial for all plans, paid plans start from $19/month for the Professional plan, $99/month for the Team plan, and $599/month for the Business plan.

#8. Sprout Social

This is the ideal content promotion platform for agencies and for small businesses looking for a simpler way to manage the content they’re promoting on different social media channels.

Sprout Social


  • It has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that’s easy to set up and use to track all your content promotion activities
  • Provides you with the best times for social media scheduling on different channels to help you expand its reach and improve engagement
  • Its smart inbox feature notifies you of everything that’s going on in the platform, allowing you to stay on top of things.


Sprout Social comes with three pricing plans: Standard ($99/mo), Professional ($149/mo), Advanced ($249/mo). If you’d like to try out the tool before diving in, request a demo or give it a run for 30 days using their free trial.

#9. Buffer

Buffer is a popular social media tool that allows users to schedule content on social media channels ahead of time, in most cases, a few days to a week in advance.

It is a great tool for a small business owner who has a lot to do but still needs to stay on top of their content promotion strategy.



  • It has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to schedule your social media posts on different platforms.
  • It integrates with tools like Quuu promote to help boost your content promotion efforts
  • Provides you with reports on how your social media content performed to help you assess and improve on the content you promote


Buffer’s pricing is super-friendly to small businesses and solopreneurs, making it easier for you to include the tool into your marketing mix. The pro plan goes for $15/mo, the premium plan goes for $65/mo, and the business plan goes for $99/mo.

#10. Voila Norbert

Voila Norbert is an email finder and verification tool. The email finder tool is used by marketers and people in sales and marketing to collect contact details for cold prospecting. Voila Norbert’s 98% accuracy as an email finder is one of the highest in the market.


The email verification tool is used for managing email lists. The email verification tool will highlight incorrect emails so that you can remove them. This will help you reduce the number of hard bounces from your email server, ensuring you a good Spam score.


You can try Voila Norbert’s email finder for free. New referrals get 50 free searches. The paid service works on a pay as you go system or sign up to the monthly plan.

Content Syndication Tools

“Popular content from around the web”, “You may like”, and “Sponsored content”

Sounds familiar?

If it does, then that’s content syndication in action — republishing content on sites with a bigger audience to increase its reach. And if you want to get more blog traffic, this is a great addition to your content marketing strategy. Here are two tools to include in your promotional mix:

#11. Taboola

Touted as one of the largest content syndication platforms, Taboola is becoming even bigger as it merges with one of its fiercest competitors; Outbrain.

For advertisers looking to scale their content promotion efforts, that means a larger distribution network and more engagement of the content they promote through Taboola.



  • Taboola has a good distribution network including HuffPost, Business Insider, Bloomberg, Fox News, CBS News among others which have large audiences. As an advertiser, you’re guaranteed that promoting each blog post you publish through them will get you more engagement and traffic.
  • It has an intuitive user interface that helps you set up your campaigns fast
  • It’s easy to generate reports to know how well your target audience is interacting with the content you’re promoting.


It is a pay-per-click tool where you pay for the clicks that your content receives.

#12. Adblade

Being the largest network in the US and one of Taboola’s competitors, Adblade boasts of 300 million unique monthly users and a ton of monthly publishers.


  • Allows you to narrow down your targeting by geographical location and interest to make sure your target audience sees your content
  • Provides detailed reports on the level of engagement your content gets such as click-through rates, cost per click, and cost-per-impression
  • Screens all websites in their network of publishers which makes sure your ads don’t land on low quality sites with no content or traffic.


It has a CPC pricing model

Influencer Outreach Tools

When you’re looking to grow your audience and improve brand equity (but aren’t a huge fan of paid promotion channels such as Facebook ads), influencers come in handy to make your work easier through the partnerships you have to promote content.

They already have an audience that trusts them, so by promoting your content through them their followers will trust your brand and start paying attention to what you say.

#13. Buzzsumo

When it comes to influencer marketing, one of the things you have to do is look for and evaluate the influencers you want to work with.

For B2B marketers in growing startups, it doesn’t make sense to go after celebrities. Instead, look for people who are already sharing popular content in your niche.

It’s easier to schedule time with them, and their target audience is more likely to take action on the content they read. That’s where Buzzsumo comes in. They provide a platform that allows you to easily connect with relevant influencers.



  • Helps you identify popular content in your niche and those sharing it.
  • Helps you curate popular content to promote on your social media channels so you will never run out of content to promote.
  • Provides you with analytics on the level of engagement that your content receives, so you know how well the content you promote through the influencers you identified is performing  


It has four pricing plans Pro ($99/mo), Plus ($179/mo), Large ($299/mo), and Enterprise ($499/mo).

#14. Buzzstream

Content promotion through acquiring backlinks from influential sites helps you rank higher on search engines and, consequently, get more organic traffic over time.

However, link building can be tedious if you’re doing it manually. With Buzzstream, you’re going to save more time and build links at scale.



  • Provides you with a dashboard that allows you to manage all your link building activities in one place
  • Allows you to customize your email outreach and schedule email follow ups to help you save time as you keep up with your link building activities
  • Has a robust reporting system that helps you track and assess the efficacy of your link-building efforts


Buzzstream has four pricing plans: Starter ($24/mo), Group ($99/mo), Professional ($299/mo), and Custom ($999/mo).

#15. Mailshake

This is an ideal content promotion tool for small startups that aren’t looking to invest in expensive resources to help them in their influencer outreach and link building efforts.



  • Has a great user interface that makes it easier to set up your sales promotion campaigns through cold outreach with ease
  • Integrates with Gmail so you don’t have to log into your Mailshake account to check the emails you receive.
  • Has great customer service backed up with lots of high-quality training for cold outreach


If you’re using Mailshake for email outreach, you’ll pay $59/mo and if you’re using the tool for sales engagement, you pay $99/mo.

#16. Quuu Promote

As a marketer, (with or without a huge audience on social media), Quuu promote is a tool you need to use to boost your promotion efforts on social media channels. And you can do this in two ways: (a) curate similar content from other brands to share or (b) use it to share evergreen content that you’ve published.

Quuu Promote


  • Allows you to share your content with relevant players in your industry, hence increase its reach
  • Allows you to curate and share high quality content, so you never run out of great content to share
  • The tool is easy to use and is backed up by a great customer support team.


Pricing starts at $40/mo.  

#17. Ahrefs

Guest posting is another content promotion method that, in addition to building brand awareness, helps you earn a backlink or two in your content and author bio.

The standard advice on finding sites on which to guest post on has been conducting a Google search engine using “ topic write for us” to find blogs in your target audience.

Ahrefs comes in to simplify your work by automating the process.



  • Helps you filter sites you would like to write for using domain rating, making it easier to sort through the sites you want to write for
  • Allows you to see who is linking back to your competitors so you can pitch the site for a guest post and earn a link in the process


Ahrefs comes with four pricing plans: Lite ($99/ mo), Standard ($179/mo), Advanced ($399/mo), and Agency ($999/mo).

If you like the sound of Ahrefs, but it’s not quite right (or too expensive), it’s worth taking a look at some alternatives to Ahrefs such as Semrush or Mangools. These tools can also help with guest posting & content promotion while replacing some other SEO features of Ahrefs too.


There you go.

Content promotion tools help boost your content marketing efforts. And now you have a list of tools to help you promote the content you’re creating.

As you do this, remember to track metrics such as brand awareness, amount of blog traffic you get, level of engagement, and the number of leads and sales you get through content promotion. It will help you know whether your promotion efforts are bringing you closer to achieving the goals you set in your content strategy or not.

Since we’ve already done the heavy lifting for you, it’s time to look at your strategy, then choose the tool that meets your needs and start promoting your content.

So, which tool are you going to use to promote your content?

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