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Top 7 Techniques To Improve Your SEO Domain Visibility

As more and more people turn to search engines to find businesses, products, and services, search engines like Google constantly upgrade their algorithms to meet this growing demand. For any business or website, ranking highly in search engine results is the ultimate goal as it means the business is visible to consumers, which improves conversions and boosts sales.

For business owners, SEO experts, and marketers, keeping up with these algorithm changes is the key to ensuring their businesses are visible to search engines, rank highly, and remain relevant to consumers. It requires the use of up-to-date digital marketing techniques and SEO optimization to improve site performance and boost SEO visibility.

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What is search engine visibility?

Search engine visibility or SEO visibility is the percentage of traffic a website gets from search engines based on how high or low it ranks in organic search results. Your visibility percentage is based on keyword rankings. High visibility means that most of your target keywords are ranking highly for your niche.

To understand better, assume you rank third in search engine results for a particular keyword. Based on google clickthrough rate analytics, the third search result on Google gets 18.6% of all clicks for a keyword. This means that your website’s SEO visibility for the keyword is 18.6%.

Certain SEO tools such as Ahrefs or SEMrush can be used to calculate a site’s SEO visibility. These tools audit all your keyword rankings and give you a score based on all the keywords.

So, how do you improve SEO domain visibility?

In this article, you will find the top techniques you can use to improve SEO domain visibility for any eCommerce site.

7 Techniques for improving your SEO visibility

Start from the SEO audit

To improve your site’s visibility for search engines and to apply relevant onsite optimization strategy you first need to know why it is currently ranking lower than you want through an SEO audit.

An SEO audit on your website is required to diagnose the performance capabilities of different web pages and determine whether they are achieving maximum search visibility and user value.

 An SEO audit checks different SEO elements for site optimization. These include:

  • Crawl errors like duplicate content, page speed, or missing header tags
  • HTTPS status codes
  • XML sitemap status
  • Site loading time
  • Duplicate metadata

SEO audit tools such as Google Webmaster can be used to identify and fix site issues that are affecting your ranking.

Link building is an important aspect when you are looking to improve your SEO domain visibility. Referring domains is an ideal way of influencing search ranking. When it comes to quality link building, a brand needs to consistently build relationships with relevant companies in its niche that are likely to lead to linking.

Some of the best ways to get high-quality links include creating thought leadership content, guest posting, as well as building free software.  

Backlinks, whether follow or nofollow, are also critical ranking factors for any SEO strategy. In backlinking, other websites link back to your website for information. These links represent your site on search engines, showing you as an authority in your niche, making it easier to pull up the ranks.

Building high-quality backlinks is a sure way of consistently showing up in search results.

Some of the steps you can take to build high-quality links to your site include:

  • Write guest posts for different content outlets, especially using interesting infographics.
  • Reaching out to different publishers to have your original on-site content data or research highlighted in their publications.
  • Adding your company to directories and listing in your niche. This can mean joining professional associations, business organizations, and networking groups to gain credibility.  

To find out the best avenues to earn backlinks from, you can use backlink tools to identify high authority sites to target for link building.

Consider the importance of keyword research

Keyword research is the backbone of any SEO strategy. For your web content to be great, it needs to be built using appropriate primary and secondary keywords. Apart from having all the relevant keywords, it is important to know how to place them strategically to ensure they lead searchers to your site.

The primary keyword is the main focus of any web content landing page. It should highlight what the page is about and should connect with what the brand represents (your niche).

Secondary keywords usually are supporting words that are related to the primary keyword. Including them in your content in a natural way is likely to improve your search ranking.

To perform successful keyword research, you need to consider using long-tail keywords that are likely to be used by your target audience.

For instance, if you run a DIY mobile home improvement blog, you can start your search from a simple keyword like ‘DIY mobile home improvement’ that will be your primary keyword.

A reliable keyword tool like Ahrefs can help you to get more keyword variations from your primary keyword. The best tools give search volume numbers for given keywords and ranking percentages in your niche.

Make your website mobile-friendly

Websites that are not optimized to deliver great mobile experiences are downranked on search engine results, which affects your SEO domain visibility. You can quickly know whether your website is mobile-friendly by using Google’s tool to check your site’s mobile-friendliness.

To optimize your website for mobile use:

  • Improve your content’s legibility through mobile devices. You need to set it up to prevent the need to pinch the page to read clearly. Your reader needs to be able to scroll to get the full benefit of the information.
  • Improve the speed of mobile page loads.
  • Ensure all information on a page is well displayed and not hiding behind scripts and accordions.

Integrate more visuals

While using text alone may have worked in the past, today, text alone is not enough to attract the attention of your target audience and have them stay on your site for longer.

Based on statistics, web searchers are more likely to interact with content that includes a blend of graphic imagery or infographics, pictures, videos, and texts. Using video content on a landing page can significantly improve conversion rates, which is crucial for SEO domain visibility.

Articles that use infographics receive up to 94% more views, which further stresses the importance of visuals in your content. Combining videos and images is a powerful tool for any SEO strategy for any brand looking to grab the attention of its audience and convert.

When you visually represent your content, you tap into the viewer’s emotions, making your content more engaging. Combined with powerful text, you are sure to increase your SEO visibility which ultimately ups your ranking.  

Optimize your content for the answer box

In 2015, Google introduced an answer box where it displays direct answers to different search queries. This answer box appears at the top of search results and comprises a relevant content snippet that answers the question from top-ranking web pages. The answers are featured above the first ranking organic result.

For instance, searching for ‘the best time to post on Instagram’ will give you the top result in the answer box from to directly answer the query.

The answer box can take up to 50% of the space on mobile-based search results. Having your content featured in the answer box is a great way to improve your SEO domain visibility and earn extra clicks.

To win the google answer box:

  • Target keywords with answer boxes. This ensures your efforts are placed on a keyword that google finds easy to answer directly in search results.
  • Use question keywords to match the need for the answer box, which is to answer pressing questions related to your niche.
  • Feature the question keywords as H1 or H2 tags for Google to find your content answer to the question.
  • Make your answer directly, short, and clear. Ideally, the best answers should be less than 100 words and not more than four sentences.
  • Ensure the answer you give is correct and that it offers the best information for the given keyword.
  • Use a number list, especially for answers to ‘hot to’ questions.
  • Use graphs or tables to help you deliver the answer with the most information to the searcher.

Engage with your audience on social media

Today, social media is one of the best avenues to improve brand visibility and increase traffic to a website. Any brand looking to rank highly on search engine results should work on its social media presence. Ensure your website is optimized for social media.

It is also important to use social media to engage with your audience. ensure you share your content on a different social platform where your target audience is mostly found. Let’s say the vast majority of your audiences are on Instagram. You can share a resonating and emotional case study using the Instagram story feature. This in turn helps your audience bond better and also leads to growth in Instagram followers.

Also, take time to interact with your followers by commenting and reacting to posts and comments and answering and addressing questions and complaints. Taking up the conversation marketing tactic allows your brand to get closer to its audience in a neutral environment.

Engaging with your audience on social media platforms is ideal for making them feel like part of your brand. You should consider joining forums related to your niche and participating in discussions to build your brand’s reputation as an authority.

Summing up

Every business owner, market, and SEO specialist‘s goal is to have their site content visible to their target audience.

Next time your search engine visibility drops, you can try a few of the actionable SEO tips highlighted in this article to mitigate the ranking issues. When applied appropriately, you can increase brand awareness, domain visibility, web traffic, leads, conversions, and ultimately your bottom line.

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